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Re: Advert: 75% OFF TEFL Online!! 120-hour TEFL Only $59!!
By/Re:Dr. Hsu Tsung Wong
29 March 2018

Well, I was taking a look at your curriculum out of interest because I am an academic expert in ESL teacher training myself. Let me share what my impressions are:

1. The course fee is incredibly low, and I am wondering what REAL value customers can expect from such a course program.

2. Typically, incredibly low course fees suggest low quality at times. I do not claim your course program IS low quality. But a detailed list of topics treated in each course module is missing. This may indicate that you aren't sure yourself what topics to cover in each course module.

3. It is reasonable to expect an introduction to a variety of ESL teaching methods in the methodology part of the program. Given that the list of topics for each course module is incomplete (or better: entirely lacking), it seems that you will only deal with one type of ESL methodology, communicative language teaching, and that you will ignore the rest. Not good.

4. It also seems that insights from Language Acquisition and the difference between first language and second language acquisition (which, by their very nature are entirely different) are not included in your program as well as dealing with different type of learners.

5. Last not least, the grammar rules of English are still an important topic for foreign learners of English that mostly native speakers of English are unaware of, especially when they either lack a degree or other expertise in an academic area of language-related studies. I cannot find anything in your curriculum that teaches these grammar rules to native ESL teachers.

Sorry to say, but I find your course module list terribly superficial, incomplete and one-sided. To be fair, most of these programs are structured in this way, whether online or offline; so not only yours seems to suffer from the deficiencies listed above. Even a CELTA is not much better in this respect.

Future ESL teachers first of all need a lot of theoretical background to reflect on how this relates to practice and practical needs, and depending on individual circumstances in the classroom, to make their own decision of how to teach a certain class. What you and most other providers offer is a single recipe of how to do things without including other options and without providing a sufficient theoretical background in depth to help teachers make their own choices. In other words, your course module curriculum serves to prepare poorly trained teachers for work at dodgy training centers with jobs that don't pay enough to really live on and will work you to death.

Well, I am open to be proven wrong...

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