CELTA March Budapest job opportunities
By/Re:Katharine <[email protected]>
2 September 2017

Hi everyone,

I am looking into doing a 4-week CELTA course next year and the earliest I would be able to attend would be March 2018. Does anyone have any experience of completing a CELTA around this time in Hungary or elsewhere in Europe that could tell me a bit about the job market around then? I understand it may take a bit of time but I am hoping I would be able to find a summer school (or similar) job starting in say May, and then I could apply for a more permanent position starting in September when the academic year starts.

Ideally I would like to stay in Budapest for a while, or somewhere else in Hungary. I could also look elsewhere throughout Europe but Hungary is definitely top pick for me.

Is this realistic? I wouldn't be able to support myself much longer than that without a job so any advice would be greatly received!

Many thanks,

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