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5 April 2011

I have never held a formal TEFL qualification like CELTA or similar before, and I had never thought that I would ever need one because of my own university studies in this and other related areas.

However, since I have been actively involved in EFL/ESL teacher training for the past 6 years and since I am the only current professor with an acceptable academic competence in the field at our school, I thought I needed to give recognised TEFL teacher training certificate programs offered by commercial providers a try to learn more about the practical side of that business and and the field in which most foreign English teachers work.

So, I found TEFLBootcamp.com by googling and decided to sign up with them for a 60 Hours certificate TEFL course after doing the essential research as to the recognition status of the program, the contents of quality of the course, the reputation of the provider in terms of business ethics and competencies in the subject area. Today, I have successfully graduated from the program and will continue with a follow-up module on Teaching English For Special Purposes.

If you ask me, I can only say that the quality of course contents are excellent and decent, the service was friendly, fast and competent, the business conduct entirely correct, ethical, and fair. And all this for a very low fee of around 124 USD which even gives people with a low income a chance to learn, study and qualify. In this case, I must say that the saying "low price and poor quality" does certainly NOT apply - quite the opposite is the case.

I have made several suggestions to the provider on how to improve certain things, and I was assured that my well-meant advice would be taken into consideration. It is always a good sign if a business in this fields freely admits that there is room for improvement in certain things; it attests to their competence and good reputation in the field that they actually deserve.

So, I would like to fully recommend TEFLBootcamp.com as a good option for those seeking training as teachers of English As A Foreign Language.


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