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The TEFL Academy has courses running every month in locations throughout Ireland.

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TESOL LinguaEdge-Online (Questions About Schools)
By/Re:Blake <blg4u@virginia.edu>
3 December 2009


I am interested in getting a TESOL certificate on-line. I found a relatively inexpensive one at linguaedge.com. Does anyone know if it is reputable/widely recognized? Any associated problems? They offer a 50-, 100-, and 150-hour course? Is there any real advantage in taking either of the longer courses (here I mean jobwise, and not in terms of making you a better teacher)? Also, has anyone found a TESOL or CELTA, or any other acronym, to be more useful/more widely accepted than any other?

I thank you in advance for answers/advice to any of my questions.


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