Will-Excel TESOL Institute (School News/Adverts)
By/Re:Will-Exel TESOL <WillExcelTESOL@gmail.com>
27 September 2008

Our In-China TESOL course combines all the benefits of a 120 hour TESOL program with 6 months real teaching experience and Chinese language learning!

Earn a salary while you earn your TESOL Diploma.

When you finish our course you’ll have over 500 hours teaching experience, beginner-intermediate Mandarin, and your TESOL Diploma.

Don’t waste your time and money studying a TESOL course that gives little if any real teaching experience.

Live in China and study with us. Our program includes the best TESOL course available plus: Free meals, Free private accommodations, Free Mandarin lessons, and a Salary.

Visit our website and learn more at http://www.willexcel.com/TESOL/main.htm.

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