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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

Technology for ESL

How to Integrate Technology in Primary Grades
By:Erin Schreiner

Students are naturally intrigued by technology, so its integration into a lesson promotes engagement. In most districts, technology classes are not required until middle and high school. However, elementary school teachers can do a lot to prepare their students by creating technology-rich lessons.

Play online games with students. There are numerous online games--from learning the alphabet to complex mathematics. Select games that align with the topics of focus in your class. Students love the game format and quickly become engaged with the challenges they provide.

Word process writing. In most states, one of the academic content standards for writing is preparing writing for publication. Help students create a polished version of their writing by allowing them to word process their text. Combine these selections into a book, or display them in the classroom.

Create slide shows featuring key curriculum concepts. Practice using PowerPoint by having students create slide shows. Demonstrate PowerPoint, showing students how to add slides with text and images. Then ask students to create their own slides, assigning topics as simple as the alphabet or as complex as the Revolutionary War. Help the students, then have them present their slide shows to the class.

Engage students in Web quests--Internet hunts in which students seek information about a topic. This helps your students find their own answers instead of simply providing the answers. Help the students as they navigate the Internet and praise their good detective work.

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