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Texas ISD School Guide

Technology for ESL

| Classroom Technology in the Classroom
By:Thomas Radcliff

Implementing classroom's with latest technology

Educational institutions play a vital role in today's society and it is the backbone to improve and enhance the student's capability in learning. Let's see some of the technologies that could be implement in a classroom to provide a quality education.

Assign mobile computing technology for teachers

Creating classroom technology is nothing but providing the teachers and students, the technological skills and tools for quality learning. So assign the staff with laptop computer so that they could communicate with their students, their parents, department and administration. Mobile computing would help the students to get in touch with their staffs even during non-school time. It would also help to create a good relationship between student and the staff.

Learn technological skills

Implementing would not make anything valuable. For example, if a school implement an IWB in the classrooms and the staff's does not know how to operate it then there is no use. So make separate sessions and let the staff's to learn the technological skills that are implemented in their schools. Mastered in the skills are not enough, but they should easily integrate technology use into the classroom curriculum.

Use presentation tools

Today, there are so many presentation tools and software applications available in the market. Because presentation plays a major role to provide quality education to the student, the staff's should have enough knowledge about the functionality and features of the presentation tools. You could use tools like smart board or projector to teach the lessons and software applications such as spreadsheet, Excel, PowerPoint etc. These applications are easy to learn and use and helps in presenting your lessons more reliable and efficient.

Use Digitized board

Digitized board is nothing but smart interactive white board or IWB in short, a good example for classroom technology, is a huge white board which will project the content of the computer onto the screen. You could operate the screen to navigate, open files or run application. Your hand will work as mouse pointer and nowadays it is used in most of the school to provide quality education.

Provide computer and secure network for student

The classrooms should be provided in such a way where the students should have computer, network connection, printer, smart board etc. Give a safe and secure network connection so that they could gain knowledge, share information and could learn other technology based courses such as CAD, programming, hardware etc. If need they could take print-out using printer for reference when they are out of class.

Use CD's or hard drive

Since the world is being survived for more than millions of years, there are so many things for the today's students to study and even they need to study at least 8 to 10 subjects. So carrying books for 8 or 10 subjects is not that possible. So say bye to books and use Cd's and hard drive's to store lessons and assignments. Here in this way no waste of paper and you could use the same CD many times if it is re-writable one.

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