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Technology Communication in Teaching
By:Steve Glenn

Technology communication in teaching involves the use of audio, videos and data networks, in addition to relevant communication software and equipment. This technology is designed to assist students and teachers in successfully meeting their academic goals and objectives.

The use of communication technology in the field of education is an ever-evolving trend. As more effective and efficient teaching software and communication systems are developed, teachers must commit themselves to learning in order to become familiar with the technology. Knowing how to use new communication software can make the difference in conducting either chaotic or smooth lessons.

The understanding of communication technology isn't only for teachers, but for students too. To become literate in technology communication, students must be trained to effectively operate new hardware and software. Understanding technology communication will assist students in completing their academic work responsibilities in way less time than traditional methods would take.

Mastering technology communication mechanisms empowers educators to utilize a variety of teaching strategies and methods. Teachers can constantly transform their styles of instructional presentations. These opportunities will allow teachers to grow as well as students. Students will be able to successfully manipulate the technology to effectively complete and enrich their understanding of course work. Understanding computer assisted instructions, for example, will enable students to study from home or anyplace a computer is available.

The benefits of technology communication in teaching include the ability to choose teaching methods geared toward students' individual learning capacities and to create academic situations that will encourage students to assist in guiding their own learning. Communication technology provides multiple learning activities and objectives for students and introduces a wide range of devices for teacher to collaborate and share information with colleagues and students.

Technology communication in teaching will constantly grow as new and more advanced software, hardware and communication network systems are designed. Teachers must be prepared to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge as learning institutions become more competitive in offering more attractive and quality academic programs. The use of the most effective technology communication advancements helps institutions remain competitive.

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