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List of Environmental Problems
By:Kenny Leones

With the latest researches on global warming and climate change, there are several agencies that promote environmental awareness and taking care of the environment. A large part of the environmental awareness program is on helping the public know more about the environmental problems and the alternatives to solving them. Here is a list of the most common environmental problems that the public should be aware of.

* Garbage problem

This is very common in third world countries. The people do not have access to information to proper waste disposal that they end up mismanaging their garbage. This is evidenced by heaps of garbage in inappropriate areas and water systems. Some people also tend to burn their garbage leading to more environmental problems.

The best way to solve this is to educate the people on garbage segregation. The people must also find ways on how to recycle their waste materials so that there will be little need to create more landfills in the future.

* Air pollution

Industrialization is, perhaps, the main culprit for the growing air pollution in many countries. It is good that the more advanced countries are also now focusing on looking on more environment friendly methods of production in order to minimize the effects of industrialization to the environment. Industrial smoke from factories and the smoke from vehicles are now being reduced through the use of other sources of fuel and energy other than fossil fuels.

* Water pollution

The waters of the world are great sources of food and materials for man. However, if the natural habitats of fishes and other marine animals are contaminated, marine resources become depleted, which could eventually lead to food shortage.

People who live near the shores and other bodies of water should learn how to properly dispose their solid and water wastes so that the natural ecosystem will not be contaminated. Environment-friendly detergents, soaps and other solutions should also be used in order to prevent marine life poisoning.

If there will just be enough trees and forests in the world, the effects of climate change and global warming will be greatly reduced. But since the forest areas are being reduced to expand the human habitats or to serve as quarry sites, more and more landslides tend to occur. The presence of trees also tends to reduce the temperature and to provide more food and protection for other animals.

With each person planting at least one tree, the world will be on its way to saving itself from these environmental problems.

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