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6 Benefits of Giving
By:Carla McNeil

I do not consider giving a seasonal thing and feel that it is something that we need to do year-round.

I had never been much of a giver in my life until one day my boss approached another team leader and I and told us that one of us had to lead the United Way Campaign for our office. We both looked at each other in dismay wondering how on earth we would add that to our already full plates. The bigger question, which one of us would take the lead? We tossed a coin and I lost, adding one very large task to my plate. Needless to say organizing the campaign, getting the team together, creating activities and teaching canvassers was an absolutely wonderful experience! We raised the most money and had the greatest participation to date for that office. For me the experience was life changing, I came to the realization that I had actually won the coin toss. That was eight years ago and I have been involved with the United Way campaign every year since and plan to be involved for years to come.

We need to ensure a future generation of givers, it is never too early for families and society to cultivate children's generous and charitable impulses.

Benefits of Giving:

1. Put it on your resume - it can be very beneficial to indicate any charity work or giving that you do in your life because it will give your future employer a better picture of who you are. Being a generous, giving person are traits that many employers are looking for.

2. Improve your health - research done on the "Helpers High" indicates that it can improve our immune system, assist us to live longer and act as an antidote to chronic pain and even insomnia.

3. Develop relationships - when you get out and become involved in a local charity or organization you meet other people who are of like mind. This can create new friendships in your life which are beneficial in many ways.

Life is not about you, but what you can do with your life.

4. Have fun - I will always remember the fun I have had being involved in the United Way campaigns or dog-walking for our local SPCA. Building the team, participating in the activities and assisting other in realizing the benefits of giving are very powerful.

5. Develop new skills - no matter what type of activities you choose, whether it be helping out at your local food bank, soup kitchen or SPCA, chances are that new skills are there for you to learn.

6. Reduce your stress - release of endorphins, more commonly known as the "feel good' chemicals that help combat stress.

We don't judge; giving is giving, and the people to whom you donate will always be appreciative, regardless of your motives. More good news: you don't just have to donate money - you can donate food, clothes, pet supplies, blood, or time.

There is no right or wrong amount to give when it comes to donating money.

Julie Kauffman of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation suggests:

a) Send a thank-you card to someone, for no reason at all, just to say hello. I am sure you can imagine how nice it would feel to receive that card in the mail amongst the bills and flyers.

b) Hold open a door for someone, something everyone can do for an elderly person, a person with a baby carriage, or someone with lots of parcels. Even better hold the door open for everyone just because you can.

c) Help elderly neighbors with snow-shoveling, spring planting or lawn clean-up. You never know, you may be assisting a senior person to live longer in their own home.

d) Smile at people as you walk down the street - this is my personal favorite. I challenge myself to smile at as many people as possible. It is wonderful to see the receiver hesitate and then smile right back.

"Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process." Rohn, Jim

Giving energizes me both physically and mentally. It would be impossible to overemphasize the rewards and joys of volunteer work! Send me an email at let me know your success stories around your volunteer work.

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