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Short Stories for Teachers

Be Bold - Do One Thing That You Feel Uncomfortable Doing
By:Phalbon Im

Be bold is not about outrageous thing that would kill you if you do it and it is not about promoting a criminal activity either. In general, there are Not many people would think about and do it. It is not how dare you are to get to that stage, but it is a little push so that you would stretch your comfort zone to the next level. It is about doing something everyday that you do not want to do.

It can open you to another possibility if you keep your mind open and expand your comfort zone. You get to know yourself better, especially your capability. You may learn something new that you never dreamed of. You may say to yourself, "Gee, it is not that bad. I can do it." For example, you force yourself to talk to people whom you do not know and don't want to meet. After doing it for a while, you expand your network into various professions. You do not know the benefit until one day you need help changing your career. That network could land you a job! See the benefit of being bold and keeping doing it. On top of that, that network may help you do advertisement if you are having a business. They spread your words like fire.

Being bold can change your life into a new you. You change your habit and experience the new world. It is a fresh start that you may enjoy doing for the rest of your life.

Don't just dream about it. Go out and do a little thing that expands your comfort zone. Life is an adventure. Learn to take a little risk and you gain a reward. When there is no risk, then there is no reward. If you challenge yourself everyday and start doing one thing that you feel uncomfortable to do, you will be amazed the outcomes. Try it now and you can do it!

I hope you learned a unique way to motivate yourself, to challenge yourself, and to expand your comfort zone. Your life will be different if you commit yourself to be bold. Phalbon I

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