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#1 Parent bullshitcutter - 2018-03-27
Re: Re findworkabroad

Remember folks that teaching in China on a F or L visa is illegal. You will be put in a Chinese jail. Your embassy won't be able to help you. What this agency is doing is a scam! Protect yourself. Stay away! Tell others!

#2 Parent James Foster - 2018-03-27
Re findworkabroad

Find Work Abroad are safe to find a job with, check the job information they send you first to make sure you are a good fit.

#3 Parent Teachers Incorporated!!!! - 2018-03-27

90% of agents are illegal! FULL STOP. NEVER EVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ANY AGENCY EVER! Ask your Chinese embassy in your home country to verify their legitimacy FIRST. Never let them talk you into anything. (They are usually very sweet talking likeable foreign scamsters) I was scammed by a UK youngster from goteachrecruitment. And a shady Chinese company (his girlfriend) and they are all in a trilateral agreement with a school that employs foreigners illegally. You think you are legal but depending on the province, local Guangxi”with the PSB and School and agents... its all one big way of dealing with money underground. They all work together and everyone gets tax free kickbacks! If you see smoke.... report at your local Chinese Embassy immediately. They welcome our help and welcome feedback! Don’t be afraid.

#4 Parent MeToo - 2018-03-27
Re: findworkabroad

Looks like a scam as far as I can tell. I would never send them anything. Avoid!

RookieTeacher - 2018-03-27

Any feedback would be appreciated: Is findworkabroad, a Chinese agency it seems, a scam? Leery of sending them anything as they don't even have a website, they refer to a funny name

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