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#1 Parent alex - 2017-10-10
Re UK/Turkey Spam

Dear Everyone,
I can confirm Michelle's statement as this Pablo has contacted me today as well. I thought it was too good to be true. Once I googled it, the search brought me here. So, teachers beware! Do your due diligence before accepting anything from anyone. Be safe and be well.

#2 Parent dewe - 2017-09-23
Re UK/Turkey Spam

happened with me too. It's the same id ([email protected]).Thanks Michelle.

#3 Parent M'hamed JAMILI - 2017-06-08
Re UK/Turkey Spam

The same thing happened to me.
They even sent me a contact to sign.
here is the email he/she uses: [email protected]

Michelle - 2017-06-07
UK/Turkey Spam

Dear everyone please be aware that Evangelist Pablo Yesid <[email protected], is a spam and could be dangerous also, they are telling that they need English teacher in Scotland and that they are family
Same goes with mentioned below:
Same story but just they are changing country and e-mail address.
Chakum Naraw <[email protected]> ESL for family in Turkey
<[email protected]> ESL for China
tiger.li86 <[email protected]> ESL China wants passport copy
Aydin Kurnaz <[email protected]> ESL for family in Turkey
Afanas Abramovich <[email protected]> ESL for family in Manchester

These things are dangerous. All of this people offering extremely unreasonable salaries and they want English tutor.

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