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Mary - 2015-11-19

Still scamming in the Vancouver area!

Interesting... glad I found this page.

I was wondering what on earth was the purpose of this scam?!

It's the first time this has happened to us; we really enjoy hosting students from other cultures, and it's important to our entire family.

We have been in both email & phone contact for a whole month, back & forth with the supposed Canadian contact in Toronto (Wayne Yaya, who claims to be from S Africa but in fact sounds completely Nigerian to me--my parents worked in Nigeria during my childhood, so I know my African

Using the name of Yun Park; email -- and "Wayne Yaya" being the Canadian contact.

We never did receive a cheque but did turn other legit applicants away, so now we are out the expected $$ and have an empty suite, no student, and no rental income. We were so looking forward to hosting an international student!

The "story" pitched to us was that this "Wayne" person was a family friend, supposed to host 19yr old Mei but due to his divorce, couldn't host her with his family--so he was going to assist the single mom Yun Park to find a host family. She sent full contact info for herself in China, seemed legit--but then flight info and other information I requested was never sent. Delay after delay. Then the story became that her grandmother was extremely ill, thus the delay with information and her daughter's arrival. And the daughter was going to go via UK to US then here to Vancouver...?? Takes a certain level of deception to create fake Chinese addresses & emails with a Canadian (immigrant) counterpart that is supposed to handle payment. And again, I wondered especially about the payment arrangement, but the Toronto contact had lively conversations where he answered all our questions, had an 'explanation' for every delay. Of course he won't answer his phone anymore. And the # we were given for China does not work...

I am going to report this to Toronto police, as I have the Toronto cell# he used. Unfortunately, most likely police will only do anything about this if someone who actually lost $$ to this person makes a formal complaint. Hopefully that can happen.

Other than that, I am also going to forward this link to any homestay agencies that I work with, so they can alert their contacts...

Karma will catch up to someone who has nothing better to do than waste the time + $$ of good people who sincerely want to provide loving support and assistance to overseas students.

REPORT this to Toronto and your local police + register it with the online fraud website --
so others don't get scammed!

If reports keep coming in, hopefully they will catch up to him!

Onwards & upwards! And take care online...

PS: Just pointing out that it looks like all of these separate posts are the same people, same scam:

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