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#1 Parent Roddy Hammond - 2017-06-29
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

We have just been alerted to this thread. Worldteachers Recruitment Limited is a UK based Employment Agency. We help hundreds of teachers find jobs in various countries of the world. We never charge a teacher a fee. It is illegal in the UK to do that and I would advise job seekers to never pay an agency a fee. We cover our costs by charging the employer a fee. Please also pay close attention to the specific URL in email addresses and web addresses. Our URL is Unfortunately, we are a victim of this scam also, as the scammers used a very similar URL. It is a great shame that we are not able to help people because they think when we are contacting them about an opportunity, they think it's a scam as we are trying to help people find a great new job. If you visit our website at you will see that we are advertising real jobs and are a real genuine company. Please do keep safe on-line but remember there are good people out there who can help you - and not charge you money!

#2 Parent pat - 2017-05-16
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

So I'm guessing this website and the offers are definitely a scam? I got the notice that the school was interested in me and I could reply directly to the school, which sounded off to me but there is the "registration fee"-which a subsequent email said it's completely voluntary (??)

#3 Parent Taz - 2017-04-10
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Dear All,

Thank you for sharing your experiences.Although, it's never fun to have a fast one pulled over us.For what it's worth your posts help to keep others informed and aware of scammers ..I just dodged a bullet.

Thanks again!


#4 Parent Info about - 2017-01-31
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Roderick Hammond
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Port Glasgow Road
Registrant Street: Cherrytrees
Registrant City: Kilmacolm
Registrant State/Province: IVC
Registrant Postal Code: PA13 4QQ
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +44.1505873323
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

#5 Parent ilhan - 2017-01-31
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hello all,
thanks for sharing your experiences in here, it helped me a lot to know about them. I have applied a teaching position through guardian jobs and after a few days I received that email
Dear Ilhanlatif,

Thank you for responding to our advert.

We are very happy to progress your application but will require some extra information for this school. We have also asked some additional questions to see if you are interested in looking at any other opportunities, perhaps in other locations. This helps us make sure we are helping you find the most suitable roles.

1. What is your full name (As per your Passport)
2. What is your gender? (Some schools may only be able to recruit male or female teachers) MALE or FEMALE
3. What is your date of birth? (Some locations have minimum and maximum age restrictions for visas)
4. What is your nationality?
5. What city are you currently living in?
6. We are looking for teachers in the following locations, please state YES or NO if also interested in these locations:
Scotland – YES or NO
Singapore – YES or NO
Kenya – YES or NO
Abu Dhabi – YES or NO
Dubai – YES or NO
Doha, Qatar – YES or NO
Bahrain – YES or NO
Muscat – YES or NO
Kuwait – YES or NO
Jeddah or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – YES or NO
Mongolia – YES or NO
Macau near Hong Kong – YES or NO
Moscow – YES or NO
New Cairo, Egypt- YES or NO
Where else are you interested in:
7. Married: I am / am not married. My partner/spouse works as a XXX and will/will not accompany me
8. I have xx children. Their ages are …
9. My NET monthly salary is £ xx. My minimum NET monthly in the new location is £ XX
10. How soon are you able to start a new job?
11. What would be your ideal teaching role – i.e. year group, level, subject?
12. What reasons do you have for making this move? e.g. keen to go overseas, already have a friend in XX country
13. What is your mobile number including country code?
14. What is your Skype ID? (For interviews)

We look forward to your reply and to helping you further.

Kind regards

Emma Kerr

UK HQ: Worldteachers, Homelea, Faith Avenue, Quarrier’s Village, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK. PA11 3TF

e: | t: + 44 (0) 1505 851270 | | skype:emmaworldteachers

it has phone number, email but i am 100% sure that it is scam, I did respond with the information she is asking for, lets see whats gonna happen!

#6 Parent Eatery - 2016-08-18
Re / Is it a scam or not? is a scam beware

#7 Parent Turnoi Turjakuunnen - 2016-06-24
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Recently, I received a strange email with the following content:

we are a polar bear family and would like to hire you as an English teacher for our kid as we are considering to move from Greenland to Canada where English is required for legal immigration. We will need you not only for teaching English but also for help with our passport that we expect to be issued by you.
We offer homestay in our cave, sharing of food, and 10 millions of false USD month if you agree to take the job.
Let us know if you agree.
With many kisses of love,
the Polar Bear Mom

I replied:

Dear Polar bears or whoever you are,
I am too told to travel an therefore cannot take the job. I suggest you ask Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or even Donald Trump.
All of them are pretty good teachers, and I can highly recommend them.
T. T.


It also seems like they use now a different website and names for contacting people but the content on the website is the same. It's all scam.
#8 Parent Lucja - 2016-06-22
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi AS,

so I'm currently in Reykjavik. Since I didn't trust this "agency" I started looking for a teaching job independently. Apparently, there's nothing like Bilingual Centre in Reykjavik. I've done the research of schools and contacted I think all the private ones. No sign of this one on the map. ;) As well, there were just a few English teaching positions advertised in whole Iceland advertised in local media so it would be quite unreal if they all the time had so many teaching positions available in Reykjavik.

It also seems like they use now a different website and names for contacting people but the content on the website is the same. It's all scam.

Hope this helps you.
Best regards,

#9 Parent Frhesse - 2016-06-22
Re / Is it a scam or not?

I have the same emails, same job title, same "school" though I can't find anything on it. And my last update came today. Sounds like we have a problem :(

#10 Parent AS - 2016-06-22
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi Lucja

I'm in a very similar position as you and have received feedback regarding the Iceland teaching job at the Bilingual Language Center. I'm also dealing with Estelle and have paid the payment fee in order to follow the process of finding a job.

I've sent countless emails with questions and have never received a response, just continuous applications updates.

I'm wondering if you've found out anymore information regarding the job or where you are at in terms of the application process.



#11 Parent Victoriya - 2016-05-12
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi There,

I received the same information as many of you...

Because I am a skeptical person by nature, I kept asking her (Estelle Fournier) questions regarding the so called offer and informed her that i may not be able to pay the fee she replied:

"Dear Ms. Victoriya,

I have checked into things for you again and unfortunately this particular
opening in Dubai is no longer available. Such things can change quickly in
the human resource industry as you can imagine.

Usually the Placement is free of any charge and a Fee is only required for
very few locations. With your permission we would forward your Application
to some other schools as well. You can get back to me with a few more
reference numbers (no more than three) of other openings and I will forward
these schools a copy of your Application as well.

We will let you know as soon as something that matches your qualifications
pops up.

Kind Regards,

Estelle Fournier

-Support Team-
Teach The World"

THIS IS A SCAM!!! They do not have a phone number and that was my first suspicion. The second suspicion was due to the fact that i didn't have to conduct an interview. She claims in other emails that I had the job, then says it wasn't guaranteed. Please beware and thank you to everyone who posted! it has saved alot of us from making a stupid mistake!

#12 Parent Izzy - 2016-04-01
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

I received information about a position in Italy as well. Has anyone actually received services for payment? They are wanting me to pay for a plan too. Please let me know. Thank you!

#13 Parent camilla - 2016-03-16
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

I also got a proposal for Sweden. if you type in you get the same site...
I´m suspicious

#14 Parent Paul - 2016-03-08
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Anybody had any response?

I believe that the company could now be operating as

I cannot seem to find anything about them, but apparently I have been accepted for an Iceland job and it really is too good to be true.

I receive messages from Estelle Fournier who I cannot find anything about. It is also odd to not see where a website is registered to and the only way to contact them is through a form on the site.

I am keen to know how others got on.


#15 Parent Saor - 2015-10-05
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Clearly this is a scam. NEVER EVER PAY MONEY FOR A TEFL JOB OFFER: this comes from 20 years experience in tefl world.

#16 Parent Robert - 2015-09-10
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Tina would love to know what happened!

#17 Parent Doug W - 2015-08-18
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

I got the same email saying a school in Italy wanted to hire me for 6500 Euro a month (WOW!!). The horrible grammar, too-good-to-be-true feel of it all, and this very forum convinced me that it was a scam, however. I replied to them with a link to this discussion forum. Let's see what happens next, if anything...

#18 Parent Lucja - 2015-08-04
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi Mellisa,

I actually got some job offers from them in Iceland, in some Bilingual Centre, which I couldn't even find neither online nor on the spot. I decided to risk my money to check how it would evlove, and for now I am waiting around 3 months and there is still the same reply telling me that we must wait for the school to give them further instructions. They even sent me an email address to the "current teacher" however I received no reply to my email. ;) I was suspicious from the very beginning, the emails sound very automatic...

If you're in touch with people from the ministry of education in Iceland, I could provide you with details about this opening.

Hope to hear from you.

#19 Parent Meliisa - 2015-07-22
Re / Is it a scam or not?


I'm still in contact with them. I haven't started teaching yet; however I keep getting emails from them about the position and how the process is moving along.

They haven't asked me any personal security information (passport #, SIN #).

I know people that work for the ministry on education in Iceland, so they are also tracking them to make sure that it is legit.

I'll keep you posted.

#20 Parent Gary Hayes - 2015-07-16
Re / Is it a scam or not?

I have this letter also from Estefania

I've completed payment and sent in the questionnaire and payment but still awaiting a response.

Gary Hayes (UK)

#21 Parent Maddie - 2015-07-15
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hey Meliisa,
I was wondering how everything turned out for you after paying the fee? Did everything go as planned or was it a scam?

#22 Parent Chriss - 2015-07-09
Re / Is it a scam or not?

If someone ask you money to get a job
It is surely a scam.
Here you have the e mail


our Team has received and evaluated your Application for a teaching
position. We are pleased to inform you that you qualify for a Placement at
your preferred location (as indicated in your Application). We have
contacted some of our associated schools there as requested and one language
schools in particular is very interested to hire you. We are taking care of
the entire hiring process for them.

I have attached a short job description for you below:

Reference Number: CH-2315, Location: Helsinki
TEFL Teachers needed, Salary: Competitive, Accommodation: Furnished
accommodation NOT provided, Airfare: Airfare provided (return ticket),
Duration of Contract: Min. 12 month, Experience Required: Yes, Age of
Students: 15-18, Teaching hours per Week: 25, Salary: 2700 Euro/Month,
Benefits: Yes

This is our last opening remaining there. The suggested start date for this
opening is October 15th 2015.

However, we do not offer free Placement for this particular location. You
can choose between our Normal or Premium Teacher Placement Service which is
required for this location. To compare our available Packages just follow
the link below:

Please also take a look at our FAQ section by following the link below:

We will send you a more detailed job description upon request. Just let us
know if this teaching position would be what you are looking for and which
Placement option you prefer.

We are glad to assist you.

Kind Regards,

Estefania Morales

World Teachers Support Team
Human Resource Department

#23 Parent Robert - 2015-05-28
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Did you do a check on for I looked at the URL registration and found it was created in December of 2014. It is not an established site and I would do a little more digging if I was you. Also did you trace the email to see where it was from? you can do that by following the steps at These two quick free that I use ways to check on a company.

I also Googled and they don't have any page ranking or backlinks, but if they are new that is common. However, when I Googled, that came up on with a page that has several unrelated links and according to whois, it has a reseller listed. If you are getting emails with both websites on the email I personally would stay away.

Hope this helps

#24 Parent Meita - 2015-05-28
Re / Is it a scam or not?


Any more news about the teaching gig? I received the same types of emails, with the questionnaire and paid the fee. Today I received an email that I will be contacted in 5 days about all the details.


#25 Parent Fifi - 2015-05-21
Re: Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hey! That's great info!

#26 Parent Katie - 2015-05-21
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Just did a little bit of research into the 'Claudia Hoops' that runs this site. suggests that the domain name belongs to Gunter Schwab, living in Malaga under the email bender_henry58@y* Interesting to note that he's recently advertised a sawed-off shotgun for sale under the same email, if you google it! Amazing. The website looks hideously illegitimate, and he's in the process of building this one too Steer well clear!!

#27 Parent A - 2015-05-18
Re / Is it a scam or not?

I also got emailed from Claudia Hoops. Just looking at the websites gives my the hunch it's a scam. I will e-mail her and see if she replies. I hope no one pays money until they get a actual job!

#28 Parent teachervince - 2015-05-12
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi Tina,

I fear you lost your money, The site offers jobs in Europe and has to apply everything accordingly to European law, therefor they cannot ask money for placement, they can ask after the placement is happened but not before.

I live in Vietnam and I cannot report these things to the local police, to all the people that had trouble with this website, report it to the police so these bastards get shut down.

notice to all other teachers: placement cannot be charged before the job is given to you,and you receive you're first paycheck, after this then they can ask fees and all kind of crazyness and most of the time you have to pay to stay in order with workpermit's residency cards and so on.

Most of my work in Vietnam I get from handing resume's to local language center's, talk to collegues with years of experience in Vietnam or South east Asia, or online but only after a Skype interview, receiving of the contract signed bye the owner and manager, airplane ticket paid, and a small travel fee paid on my bank account for good faith.

Hard to get jobs, but once you get one, you are sure the company that hires you is real and is not going to F**** you over.

#29 Parent tina - 2015-05-12
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Dear Vince,
I too was apparently accepted at a location of my preference and asked to pay a placement fee which I did. They did get back to me by sending me a questionnaire from the school (which I can't find anywhere online) and I am waiting for their reply. I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a scam. I'll let you know where things go from here. If you in turn find out anything, please let me know.


#30 Parent bazhukai - 2015-05-08
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Hi everyone

Same here. Apparently no one who got the acceptance letter actually got anything right? I also got one, tried to email this lady called Claudia Hopps saying I was interested and everything but got nothing so far. Anyone got anything? Some more info?

Thanks a lot

#31 Parent chanwessels - 2015-04-28
Re / Is it a scam or not?

I got accepted for a position and was then told to pay the placement fee. But instead I decided to start asking questions about the position - what type of school it is, if there are resources to teach available, if the position is guaranteed etc. Thereafter I suddenly received a mail saying that unfortunately the position is no lonnger available (things changed quite quickly in 2 days!) but they will send my details to other schools. They also reply throughout the day (at random times but from the same name making me think that they have different people handling the e-mail address but using the same name which is a bit suspicious). I will be careful with this placement agency. Please let me know if anyone has had an actual placement through or (seems like it is the same agency that changed their web address). My e-mail adress is

#32 Parent chanwessels - 2015-04-27
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Good day
I have the same experience. Very good job in my preferred location but now I need to subscribe for placement. Has anyone had an actual placement with Would really appreciate an e-mail telling me about your experience - email to
Thank you in advance!

#33 Parent tina - 2015-04-25
Re / Is it a scam or not?

I would like to know the same thing please. Got an acceptance email for a post in Dubai and not willing to pay for any package until I know for sure.

Many thanks

#34 Parent tina - 2015-04-25
Re / Is it a scam or not?
#35 Parent david hobbs - 2015-04-12
Re / Is it a scam or not?

Just wondering if you have heard anything or done anything since you posted this. I have recently received a very similar message and am unsure if the service is genuine or not.
My e-mail address is
Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Teacher Vince - 2015-03-21 / Is it a scam or not?

A few days ago I received an e-mail from the site also known as They offer me a nice job in Sweden, accomodations, 2500 euro, the whole package. now this site is persisting the fact I should pay them a service fee, last time I checked you only pay a service fee after the service is delivered with a 30 day time to make the payment, I think it's even an European law. Is there anybody else who had similar problems with this website?

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