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MM, Richmond, BC - 2015-04-26

Just wanted to warn host families that the homestay scam from lady in China and her friend in Toronto is still happening. Posted below are emails that have been going back and forth. I got to the point where I did get a company cheque (not certified as promised) and it was $1,835.00 per the total homestay fee. Ms. Li is claiming that her daughter is in England and extremely unhappy and wants to come to our home early. Also wanted me to send here daughter $1,000.00 to cover expenses for bills and flight, although she told me her friend Pierre Didier is supposed to have booked her flight. I hVe the cheque in my possession but do not intend to deposit it at all. Not exactly sure what my next step or action is going to be. They don't know that I'm onto to them yet.

Emails from Li Zhang (

Hello ,

Thanks for your respond. She will be coming on the 30th of April and leave on the 28th of August, 2015. Mr.Pierre Didier will handle the payment for us since he reside in Canada. Mr.Pierre is a long time family friend. I contacted him about Nuo moving to Canada to learn how to speak English, he said its a nice move and promised to assist us with the arrangement. Initially, I wanted to send Nuo to Mr.Pierre's home but since his going through a divorce, I thought it's not right to send her there and he and his wife understands very well and promised to assist us. Kindly let me know what your price is like for 2 meals (Breakfast and Dinner), My main worry is for my daughter to stay with a good lovely home. I hope your home will provide her the kind of atmosphere she need.

God has helped me to raise Nuo up in His way so she is a nice young girl and you will love her trust me. She will be going to a language school, but I have also asked her that am going to seek for your advice on any good school close to your home, Can you help her to enroll when she comes over? Please note that her English speaking is very slow and for this I allowed her to visit my step-sister in England, I want her English to improve before coming Canada. She will move from England to your home I hope you will assist her.

Nuo is 19 years old. I want her to grown just as the Chinese economy is growing. I want Nuo to be ready, I want to her give her my best.

I await your reply.


Ms Li.

On Apr 1, 2015, at 01:41, Li Zhang <> wrote:

Hello ,

Thanks again for your reply, and how are you? Like I said my really worry is for her to be with a good home and that's while I went for your home. I prayed very well before I contacted you and I have no doubts in my mind she will be happy staying with you. I have not done this before it's my first time and with you. I asked a friend of mine who have done this for her son and she told me that $750 is good for a month.

I would have love to talk to you on the phone but I have a hearing problem Nuo will tell you more of it when she comes over. Please I will like to know how many members of your family that's presently staying with you. Sorry if I have to ask this.

Also kindly forward to me the total cost for the 4 months, your full name, your home resident address and phone number which I will send to Mr. Mr.Pierre Didier who will contact you for other arrangements. Nuo as I said is coming on the 30th of April and leave on the 28th of August, 2015. Can You pick her up from the airport?

Below is my information's
Name: Li Zhang.
Address: No.34, West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing, China,100022, CHINA .
Phone: +447-045-733552.(Note that this is Young my cousin cell number he will always get across to me)

Her name's are: Nuo Zhang, I still keep my ex last name because of Nuo. I will send her picture by next week.

I await your reply and have a lovely day.

Ms. Li.

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