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MM, Richmond, BC - 2015-04-26

Latest email from Li Zhang re overage of money sent:

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 11:35 PM, Li Zhang <> wrote:

Hello M,

How are you and your family? Am so glad that my Nuo will be staying with a good home and you are going to be a nice mom to her. I have told Nuo a lot about your family and she's very please and cannot wait to meet with her new family.

I just came in now and will be out again after sending you this e-mail, I am so busy regarding grammar's burial which am planning to come up on the 10th of May if possible. Am the only person doing all the arrangements for the burial. Grammar have only two children my Mom and his brother Bojing which we have not heard from over 7 years now so am just alone.

I got an e-mail from Mr.Didier about the overage which is $1,835 Our agreed price was $750 per month which is $3,000 for the 4 months. I have asked Mr.Didier to loan me the money which he has agreed to, you can call him to confirm. Though in his last e-mail he told me he will be going on vacation.

Nuo told me she have no money on her at all and I have no money to send to her right now as I have a lot to do here that involve money for grammar's burial, and I spent a lot on grammar's hospital bills. I told her I will talk to you. I am wondering if you can send her $1,000 from the amount Mr.Didier sent to you so she can pay some bills, flight ticket, do some shopping and have some cash on her to move around with when she comes over till I settle down after the burial, I promise you I will make up the balance within her first month with you. Her welcome is over stayed in UK , I know what am talking about.

Kindly send to me the nearest airport she will land for easy pick up and the airline you think will be fine for her to fly with. I will get back to you later today when I hear from her.

Have a lovely day. Please am counting on you to take care of my Nuo. I will give you her flight details once I get it from her. I have asked her to make sure her flight will land in the evening say around 6pm or 7pm your local time so you will be chance to pick her up. Or what do you think?

Ms. Li.

N/B: Can she come before the agreed date please.

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