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#1 Parent Samudra Bagchi and Amrita Bagchi - 2013-05-15
Re: Doha Independent High School

Please be careful of any emails from DOHA INDEPENDENT SECONDARY SCHOOL.
Please also be aware of a skype ID as .
There is a lady named Mrs. Shokirat .A . Islamia that will send you emails from < support>.
But we could find out that she is using the Company's domain server of This is a big company from Sri Lanka.Why and how could she use that company's main email address since she had introduced herself as Human Resourse Assistant Manager of Doha Independent Secondary School?
My husband and I have tried different ways to get to know the telephone numbers of that school but couldn't find any .We have called different people in Doha and still couldn't get the right telephone number of the school.The website which she mentioned on the scanned document was well found also by us but the phone numbers were all fake.
There is no english website of the school and therefore we are not confident that there is no truth of the existence of this school.
All the schools in Doha have their own websites that are in both Arabic and English.We have asked Shikirat many times to appear on the live webcam conversation on skype but she had refused to show herself.Any thing that comes up on internet is not to be trusted still thats verified .
So if she was really existing as the Human Resource Assistant Manager of that school then she would have been more open.We had also asked the Ministry of Education about your school's identity/phone numbers but didn't get any response.

#2 Parent Admin - 2013-05-09
Re: Doha Independent High School

This is a typical SCAM. If you look on this board, you will find a dozen similar patterns (they just change the names once in a while). Glad you did not send them money.

It would be good if you could post here (just click on the Reply link) all the contact info that these scammers gave you: It would help other teachers find your message through the search engines.

Lord have mercy - 2013-05-09
Doha Independent High School

Doha Independent School offered me a job paying $5,500 U.S. monthly. I signed the contract they told me to send an email to the Qatar border agency. In the contract they agreed to buying me an airline ticket to Qatar also that I would need to pay for my visa. When I heard back from the so called Qatar Border agency they requested a Western Union Transfer of $870 U.S. I emailed to so called school and said I will send the documents to the border agency you can pay the Visa fee. They insisted I needed to send a western union transfer to them. Their reason is that they didn't want to lose money for a visa. The following is a rhetorical question "Help me to understand how you are buying me an airline ticket in excess of $2,000 Yet you want me to pay a visa fee to mitigate your risk it just doesn't make sense.

I had a Skype conversation via text with the so called school. I played along as if I had sent the wire. They asked me for the code. If I'm paying the Qatar border agency for a Visa why on earth would the school need the code? I also asked if there was an Embassy in China (I'm currently teaching in China) The person said she didn't know. One who recruits for an international school should have this information and if they don't they know hot to find it. Another suspicious thing is that the name of the man with the border Agency was Abraham. This is an odd name for a Qatar national.

Beware of an offer from Doha International School.

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