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#1 Parent Datgrl - 2013-10-03

I would stay away. I made the mistake of emailing them. FORTUNATELY I didnt go with them. But beware of the emails. They are now using the fact that it is a Yahoo email and not a professional email should have set me off. also the .ca is canada and arent they supposed to be based in US?

#2 Parent tlb - 2013-04-20

This service is a rip off. I sent money for their services and then received e-mails to positions that would not take a US passport and/or issue a visa. The service is lame, a waste of time, useless, not worth the money, counterproductive, fruitless, good for nothing, I hope I've made myself clear.

Scott - 2013-04-06


Has anyone used this service and received a legitimate job offer through this website?
They ask you pay to a $39.99 USD fee for their service, but I have looked around and have read some negative things, with a couple positive things sprinkled in.

Any first hand experience about this site would be greatly appreciated.


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