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#1 Parent Merging Traffic - 2013-05-27

Yup, still up to it. Got a note from him myself... I'm gonna be in London in a week and a half anyway, so I figured I'd ask him for 300 GBP in order to help cover the travel (it's already covered). We'll see. I'll let you know if he coughs it up~ maybe I get to meet his family~ Hah!

#2 Parent Sam - 2013-04-13


I got an e-mail from the above mentioned person on 2 occassions and decided that i will google him. Thankfully i found this SCAM ALERT!!!! This person used exactly the same wording in all his e-mails and ends all is mails with " God Bless".

People please be aware i have noted that in every year he had been scamming teachers according to the records. He says taht he needs a private international teacher for his wife and 2 kids. My immediate response was that i am not interested and he replied 2 days later. In his e-mail he wrote: Dear xxxxx, How are you doing today and i hope your day has been going great. I do hope you are looking forward to a great weekend as well. Sorry for the late response. I really had a busy week. Regarding your visa that wont be a problem . My immigration lawyer will be taking care of the travelling papers that will be needed. You may go ahead and send me your detailed resume so that we can settle a contract agreement. Looking forward to hearing fro you , God Bless!!

Please becareful, not only for money scams but human trafficking too people. These evil liars know that people are desperate for teaching opportunities abroad. BE SAFE AND DO ALL YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE LEAVING YOUR LOVED ONES OR PAYING MONEY!!!

Take Care!

#3 Parent finderskeepers - 2013-03-06

I have a friend who came very close to sending money for this or a similar scam so beware that this scam is still out there! They were requesting a tutor for their young child. Never send money for a visa or any other reason. If they want to hire you, then they will pay the fees.

Ruby - 2013-02-06

Hey All,

This is an email I received from a "Juan Lee." I thought receiving an email from him was odd, as I hadn't applied to any position in the UK but figured maybe he'd found my resume somewhere so I responded asking for his information before I sent him mine. After receiving the second email, I tried Googling his name and couldn't find anything and after looking up the phone numbers he'd included, it directed me to the ESL Teachers Board website and apparently it's a repeated scam with different pseudonyms in which he lures people to think they're signing a contract and then send a large amount of money to "secure their visa" and then is never heard from again. So definitely beware.

Here's the full text of the 2nd email:

Hello xxxxx,
How are you doing today and i hope your day has been going on wonderfully great.
Sorry for the late response. I had a problem with my internet connection.
Concerning what you have inquired about, i want you to know that i currently have someone who takes them English but he his not dedicating much time that i want my family to be giving,he has another job which doesn't make him have enough time for teaching.My family are thereby not progressing in English which is the much more reason i prefer to hire someone who will relocate and will be able to teach and at the same time access there learning.
The Start off date that i want the offer to begin is the 1st of April and it will be for a period of 12months.Let me know if this OK with you.
Talking about my family,starting with myself,I am a Radiation Oncologist by profession,we relocated here to England not long ago due the nature of my job.Before we relocated,i have been visiting England mostly on Work Basis but my family do not like the idea of me being far away from home and moreover,i found this environment suitable enough for me,so i made the decision of relocating with my family.
Talking about my wife,she was working as an Accountant in China before but she don't have a job yet over here due to her low level of English language.
And as for my children,they are currently enrolled in a school over here in England but due to there inability to speak write and understand English very well,they do not like going to school,which is what i am fighting against.If I'm to grade there English skills,i will say my wife is 40% fair while my children are like 30%.Chun and Mai are 9 and 7years respectively.Chun is a boy and Mai is a girl.
Talking about your working hours,lets be looking at 6hours per day.
Concerning the hours,the working hours i have in mind is 6hours per day including breaking time and excluding weekends.I was thinking when you get here,you can go ahead and conduct a test for them to check there skills and you will then know what exactly they will be needing and how you will be preparing your time table as well as your curriculum.Then i can as well drive you down to a bookstore nearby to get all the things that they will be needing.I hope this idea of mine is OK or let me know if you have anything other suggestion as well.
Talking about the Salary,i will be paying you 2,800GBP per month as well as 300GBP which will be for your HEALTH INSURANCE.
Also,there will be 2 weeks paid vacation twice a year.Everything will be explained in the CONTRACT LETTER that i will be sending to you later on,once everything has been finalized between us.
The apartment you will be staying is located at the back of my main building but in the same compound as mine.Its a private building and you will be having all the privacy you will be needing,I will go ahead and send you the pictures later on as well as my family pictures as well.
Concerning your WORKING PERMIT and VISA,my immigration lawyer will be the one to take care of that,i will be referring you to her when the processing of your papers begins,after we have finalized everything between me and you.
Let me know when it best to talk to you on phone,so i can give you a call and talk to you for some few minutes on phone.You can call me on +447024075295 or +447024046748 ,so we can discuss better on phone,its best to call me on weekdays anytime,so far im not busy with patients,i will be able to talk to you.I will find time to give you a call as well.
I will like to also know if you are still going to be able to take up the offer.
Have a great day ahead of you and bye for now..


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