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Vladamir - 2013-02-01

Does anyone know if the following reply and referenced website is legitimate?

The referenced website is laid out nicely, but with some English errors. The so-called endorsements are clearly written in very-poor non-native English and look like made up boosts for the website. Although they mention connections with schools there is no other information about these job openings on the site. Is this just an opportunity to scam people for identity theft? Has anyone obtained work from this outfit? What can I ask them to send to verify their legitimacy or is there some organization in China that could do it?

Thank you.

"hongjoe china" <>

I got your mail from serious teacher looking for teaching job.
These are the various places we have the schools available for coming semester ;
1. Shanxi province, Baoji Fufeng city, middle and high school.
2. Hebei province, Canzhou Sunning City(two hours from Beijing), middle and high school.
3.Zhejiang province, Yiwu city, University College.
4. Liaoning province, fushen city, middle and high school,
5. Guangxi province, guizhou city , middle and high school
6.Guangxi Guigan training centre
7.Zhejiang Zhoushan a training centre.
8. Hunan Changsha middle school.
9. Guizhou middle school.
10. Liaoning Province, Yingkou city
11. Anhui Province, Bengbu Suwan city
12. Henan Province, Zhoukou Yangshi city.
13.Jiangsu , Wuxi city.
You can go through them and choose one if the school is still available then we talk about it. If is ok then send me copy of your passport, visa page if in China, CV, highest certificate( if you have Bachelor better if no is ok), full current photo. Then sign the contract send to me i sign and send it back to you to confirm that you will surely come to teach in our school.
Please we dont want teachers who will let us go through all the process and later refuse to come and work for us.

Please visit our website at

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