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#1 Parent jmcnamara252 - 2014-01-16
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Hi all,

I was unfortunately a victim of this scam, it's not so much about the money I lost, I'm pi&&ed off that I had built up a new role and new start in a foreign country and to be dissapointed and scammed feels awful......stay well clear at all costs!!


#2 Parent sd - 2013-05-23
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Well, I'll be dump... same happens to me right now

#3 Parent Paco55 - 2013-03-08
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Thanks to you all. I got an email from them (unsolicited; no doubt they found me on Dave's ESL or Seriousteachers, both of which I recommend, though with the usual eye to caution) and had the same suspicion EVERYONE should have when total strangers with no established reputation are asking for $300 to find them a job! Some things require a middle man, but this isn't one of them. A language school is ALREADY a middle man (or you the teacher are THEIR middle man, depending on how you look at it), don't pay a middle man to get to the middle man! Do your own leg work, contact schools directly, have your paperwork in order, and use the free sites that WILL get you work. I just wish there were somewhere to report these people.

#4 Parent rachelg - 2013-01-30
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Thanks to all who posted about "teachers-international" -- it sounded too good to be true and, judging from the replies in this thread, it is. Classic scam...but geeze I was hoping it wasn't :( Thank God for internet reviews!

#5 Parent Seraphina - 2013-01-28
Scam: work placements worldwide..with a fee

This organisation will send you an unsolicited email because it picks up your search of ESL jobs from your computer. You should avoid them. Yes, a so-called person called, Joyce will write to you urging you to pay, or at least urging you to make a 'package' selection. Unless they say in writing that they 'guarantee' a placement, then avoid them like the plague. I sent them three requests for contact and all I got was more emails urging me to pay. My advice, be blind and stupid or avoid them like the plague. Perhaps the fact that they have no contact details - address or telephone number is an indicator that this is a complete scam for idiots.

#6 Parent Dr. John - 2013-01-20
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

My wife and I are looking at ESL teaching as a means to achieving expat status- and we're both in our late 50's (I know, I know, I had to learn the hard way, "ageism" is a BIG sin in ESL recruiting--- oh well). Anyway, I had investigated some online TESOL 100-hour cert. programs, but had not done much more, once I knew that this age discrimination is a major source of the prejudice with which ESL recruiters/programs function. Actually, we were waiting until after the elections in Nov. to see how the wind was flying. This past week, determining that we might want a 'two year hiatus from the USSA,' we/I almost immediately received an email from them [Teachers-International]. It looked too good to be true. I looked at the website, checked some of the vacancies, and liked what I saw- esp. the salary figures: @2000E ...with no experience! (Hey! i.e., almost a living wage (in US terms) if both of us worked, and that for someone with a masters.... or a doctorate!) I was surprised they needed ESL teachers in IRELAND, (one of our target destinations) but thought, "what the hey"; comparing TI's salary figures with other former Eastern Bloc countries, (which we had some experience with, via a more 'established firm') and knowing what they are ACTUALLY paying, didn't raise too many red flags (lol)- so....

After sending in a simple email outlining my wife's academic and my credentials, (but not giving them the actual names/dates data) they replied in two days, and said 'two firms were very interested in us.' This sounds like textbook response, from what I have read above. [So glad others are catching these scams!]
I tried to respond to the email of the 'person' who contacted us for more specific details (a salary or a target range of pay, a full-35 hour week, or one that fluctuated during the year, what kind of 'accomodation' etc., from one 'Joyce,' who had written:

[You will get a confirmation of receipt after activating the Placement Package. We are glad to assist you.
Joyce Frederickson

Teachers International Organization

Visit our Teacher Support Section: ]

and guess what? The email came back undeliverable...immediately.

One HAS to be a bit more savvy than this, folks. Even when re-sending the reply email to the 'main site' three days ago, I've not yet received a response.... and I don't think I ever will, after reading these responses. Sigh. Live and learn.

Better to go with a company with a track record of 20-30 years, who would hire us, (even with our 'age issues'), than presume to send money to a program that calls their reg. fees, a 'placement package.' Get this scam off the internet as soon as possible, is my opinion. thanks for posting your observations. Hope mine corroborated what others are saying.

#7 Parent 2hot2trot - 2013-01-16
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

I, too, received an email from asking me to apply to their school. I thought I'd submit my resume to the Teachers International Organization just to see what happened, and, then, I was told that two schools were very interested in hiring me. That's when I went on the hunt. I traced the email header of the email from the bilingual-institute by way of this website

(I learned of this from a previous post by Rock G. Bedard:

It appears that the email was sent from the Dominican Republic. I then traced the 2nd email I received, the email from the Teachers International Organization, and it too was sent from the Dominican Republic.

In fact, they have the exact same IP address

As of yet, I know not of any recruiters of English teachers in the Dominican Republic.



#8 Parent teacher - 2012-10-23
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

They listed places/cities that don't even exist!!! scam scam scam... and I almost got excited having received the offer :)

#9 Parent Job Seeker - 2012-10-22
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Thanks for the information. I have also received job offers from this organization which seems to have some attractive offers, but pushes activating a payment package before getting all the information. I think I'll steer clear.

#10 Parent Tasha - 2012-10-06
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee


I have been approached by them before and what warned me was that they approved my application before they even had all my information (CV etc.).

After I 'Googled' their details, many websites list them as a scam. I confronted them with that, and they just persisted with their e-mails.

At that time they were called esljobfinder. Does this page look familiar?

I was almost duped again when I received an email from a school called Bilingual Institute with a webpage that states they have a recruitment company doing their recruiting for them.

Very clever. Notice the picture of the school in Germany is not real (I live in Hamburg) and you can not identify it. Isn't that strange for a site advertising schools?

#11 Parent Amn - 2012-09-21
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

Thanx, they just told me I had two job offers but then asked for money in order to get the offer. Glad I decided to look them up.

#12 Parent Suspicious - 2012-09-19
Re: work placements worldwide..with a fee

According to WhoIs, their website was created on Sept 11 of this year, i.e. a few days ago - See
The person who registered the site provided no information, they use
I would not send them fees, that's for sure.

Londonchick - 2012-09-19 work placements worldwide..with a fee

HI there,

I have come across an ad from advertising teaching posts worldwide. The pay for europe seems quiet high - full time at over 2000 euro a month with accom and asks you to fill out a form and they offer 2 different 'placement' packages for around $200US each...has anyone out there been successfully placed with this organisation or is this just a scam to get money?? thanks!

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