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hopie - 2011-12-02

I received this email and I believe it is a scam, the phone number has too many numbers I believe, and it just doesn't sound right!

The email address this was sent FROM: <>;

I need a Personal Assistant to represent my
absence in my office.

My name is Albert Alloys, am a British man and
married with 3 children. I work with the American
Army as a Journalist and writer. I used to travel
around European countries like U.K, Ireland,
Scotland, France and Middle-East, e.g.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Isreal, Palestine, Egypt e.t.c
to make reports.

Presently, I am in the Middle-East part of the
world, Egypt, and I need a trustworthy person to
handle some of my official duties in my office
over there at the moment.

The good thing about the job is that you do not
need to sit in my office to carry my duties, you
can do everything right there in your home, it is
very flexible and convenient.

As my personal assistant, your activities will
include receiving the following items from my
clients within your regions.

To help me submit write ups/articles from me to
the media houses.
To help me take records of calls and fax from my
important colleagues who are not able to reach me
at the moment.
To receive letters from my associates send back
letters to them.
To help me process payment for media materials in
checks/payments that will be coming from my

You are not required to be an highly skilled
person, but you need to be active and trustworthy
and have a good sense of humour. You are also
required to have the ability to handle sensitive
and confidential information and also to perform
your duties with accuracy, quality and integrity.
You are required to have your personal computer
with internet facility if you are really
interested in this position.

I believed this offer will be lucrative for you
and it should be an income supporter as I am sure
it will not affect your present job at all.

Basically I offer $450 + extra miscellaneous

Please, kindly show your interest and I will give
you the modalities of this position. I will be
waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best of Luck,

Albert Alloys
Journalists, Reporter.

Hotline: +20149347969


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