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kjstuck - 2011-07-11

Oguri Daiki Katsuya

subject International English Tutor Needed
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Dear Applicant,
How are you doing today and i hope your weekend has been going on great.
I came across your resume on the Esl teachers website in which i will be needing your service.
My name is Dr. Daiki Katsuya a native of Osaka,Japan. Presently,me and my family just relocated to Wellington,Shropshire, England few months ago.I am actually in need of a competent professional International English Language teacher who can take my Wife, Mimi and my 2 kids, Chun and Mai in English classes here in England.I am willing to pay you 2,800.00GBP.I will provide you an Accommodation,furnished with a Television Set, and Internet Ready computer along with the accommodation,so your comfort will never be a problem.A vehicle will be available also for Mobility if you can Drive. I need your updated resume for me to discuss more about you with my family and also talk to your references.
Applicant Must be willing to relocate.Getting traveling papers such as visa will not be problem.
If you are interested,get back to me soonest, Cheers and God's blessings.
Dr Daiki Katsuya.
# 80 Halesfield,
Wellington, Shropshire,
England. TF1 1BJ.

Dear Dr. Katsuya,

Thank you for your interest in my services.

Please find attached my current tutoring resume and contact information for three professional references.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With regards,

Dear xxxxx,
How are you doing today and i hope you are looking forward to a great weekend.
Sorry for the late response and Thank you very much for keeping back in touch.
I have gone through your RESUME and i can see that you have attained some good educational background and your work experience says much about you as well.Most especially the aspect of your skills which indicates that in 2006 to March 2009 and 2000 to 2005 Summer,you were an Esl specialist and an Englsih Composition Instructor in 2005 from August to December at xxxxxxx.Along with other several working experience which you have and i am very impressed with.I must say that you really did a great job attaining those skills and qualifications which you have as well.
I want you to know that i currently have someone who takes them English but he his not dedicating much time that i want my family to be giving,he has another job which doesn't make him have enough time for teaching.My family are thereby not progressing in English which is the much more reason i prefer to hire someone who will relocate and will be able to teach and at the same time access there learning.
The Start off date that i want the offer to begin is the 29th Of August and it will be for a period of 12months.Let me know if this is OK with you.
Talking about my family,starting with myself,I am a Radiation Oncologist by profession,we relocated here to England not long ago due the nature of my job.Before we relocated,i have been visiting England mostly on Work Basis but my family do not like the idea of me being far away from home and moreover,i found this environment suitable enough for me,so i made the decision of relocating with my family.
Talking about my wife,she was working as an Accountant in Japan before but she don't have a job yet over here due to her low level of English language.
And as for my children,they are currently enrolled in a school over here in England but due to there inability to speak write and understand English very well,they do not like going to school,which is what i am fighting against.If I'm to grade there English skills,i will say my wife is 40% fair while my children are like 30%.Chun and Mai are 9 and 7years respectively.Chun is a boy and Mai is a girl.
Talking about your working hours,lets be looking at 6hours per day.
Concerning the hours,the working hours i have in mind is 6hours per day including breaking time and excluding weekends.I was thinking when you get here,you can go ahead and conduct a test for them to check there skills and you will then know what exactly they will be needing and how you will be preparing your time table as well as your curriculum.Then i can as well drive you down to a bookstore nearby to get all the things that they will be needing.I hope this idea of mine is OK or let me know if you have anything other suggestion as well.
Talking about the Salary,i will be paying you 2,800GBP per month as well as 300GBP which will be for your HEALTH INSURANCE.
Also,there will be 2 weeks paid vacation twice a year.Everything will be explained in the CONTRACT LETTER that i will be sending to you later on,once everything has been finalized between us.
The apartment you will be staying is located at the back of my main building but in the same compound as mine.Its a private building and you will be having all the privacy you will be needing,I will go ahead and send you the pictures later on as well as my family pictures as well.
Concerning your WORKING PERMIT and VISA,my immigration lawyer will be the one to take care of that,i will be referring you to her when the processing of your papers begins,after we have finalized everything between me and you.
Let me know when it best to talk to you on phone,so i can give you a call and talk to you for some few minutes on phone.You can call me on +447024046748 or +447024041487 ,so we can discuss better on phone,its best to call me on weekdays anytime,so far im not busy with patients,i will be able to talk to you.I will find time to give you a call as well.
I want you to know that i really consider this as a help you are rendering to me irrespective of the salary and all other finances including benefits that you will be provided.I want you to realize that my family means a lot to me and i really take them as my priority in everything that i do and moreover i believe that to whom much is giving,much is expected.So im really expecting you to give me your best for this.
I want you to go ahead and answer this little questions that i have for you.

1.Have you ever been offered this kind of position before.

2.What is your present employment status with your Current Employer.

3.Do you interact Freely with Kids.

4.What are your extra curricular activities.

5.Kindly explain in few words how you believe that you will be able to be the right person for this offer.

6.Your current marital status.

7.Do you have kids.

Thank you very much once again.
Do have a great day ahead of you and i will be waiting for your response,so that we can continue further.


Dear Dr. Katsuya,

Thank you very much for your interest.

Your wife and children are very fortunate to have you so willing to provide the best opportunities for them.

I deeply regret that my circumstances will not allow me to continue dialoging with you about possible employment.

My best wishes to you and your family.


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