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catherine barry - 2011-06-19

Thanks for posting your email scam and fraud alerts-if it was not for your site I would have not reported the fraud to the governement-I cannot thankyou enough-below is the scam emails!

I am not sending her $3000.00. The overcharge was only $2050.00, the rest is for rent?

Hello Catherine,

Thanks a lot for your e-mail I really appreciate your concern about me and with this I know Nuo will be happy with you. Catherine, if you are a woman you will know how I feel about my daughter who's 1000's of miles away from home and the child tells you she's no longer happy where she is. I know my half sister very well and I will like Nuo to move on.

Please I will really appreciate if you can send her the $3,000 via Western Union to the below information's she sent to me today. She said Western Union is just a stone throw from their home and she have a friend there who will assist her.

Below is the information's she sent me:

Name: Nuo Park.
Address: Unit 3, Hay St Sunderland SR5 1BG United Kingdom
Sender's Names/Address:
Reference Number:
Amount sent:

With this it will be faster and she can pay her way through to your home. I will really be glad if you can send it today morning and forward to me the information's so I can send to her. Am very busy with grammar's funeral arrangements she means a lot to me and Nuo.

Please I am counting on you to take care of her and your family she's the only person I have now since grammar is gone.

Thanking you for your understanding and God bless.

Hello Catherine,

How are you and your family? Am so glad that my Nuo will be staying with a good home and you are going to be a nice mom to her. I have told Nuo a lot about your family and she's very please and cannot wait to meet with her new family.

I just came in now and will be out again after sending you this e-mail. There's a lot for me to do regarding grammar's burial which I want it to come up on the 25th of June if possible. Am the only person doing all the arrangements for the burial. Grammar have only two children my Mom and his brother Bojing which we have not heard from over 9years now so am just alone.

I got an e-mail from Mr.Frank about the overage which is $2.050 Our agreed price was $700 per month which is $2,800 for the 4 months. I have asked Frank to loan me the money which he has agreed to, you can call him to confirm. Though in his last e-mail he told me he will be going on vacation.

Nuo told me she have no money on her at all and I have no money to send to her right now as I have a lot to do here that involve money for grammar's burial, and I spent a lot on grammar's hospital bills. I told her I will talk to you. I am wondering if you can send her $3,000 from the amount Mr.Frank sent to you so she can pay some bills, flight ticket, do some shopping and have some cash on her to move around with when she comes over till I settle down after the burial, I promise you I will make up the balance within her first month with you. Her welcome is over stayed in UK , I know what am talking about.

Kindly send to me the nearest airport she will land for easy pick up and the airline you think will be fine for her to fly with. I will get back to you later today when I hear from her.

Have a lovely day. Please am counting on you to take care of my Nuo. I will give you her flight details once I get it from her. I have asked her to make sure her flight will land in the evening say around 6pm or 7pm your local time so you will be chance to pick her up. Or what do you think?

Hi Catherine

I tried to reach you on the phone but wasn't successful..Am Frank Anderson, a family to Bao Park. Please could you reach me on 1-647 8675098 so we could finalize the homestay arrangements for Nuo..the number above is my direct line you can always reach me on it.


Hello Catherine,

Thanks for your respond. Kindly let me know what your price is like for 2 Meals [Breakfast and Dinner], my main worry is for her to stay with a lovely good home. I hope your home will provide her the kind of atmosphere she need.

She will be coming on the 15th of June and leave on the 15th of October, 2011. Also we are going to pay up front, I don't what Nuo to have money problems when she is with you Mr.Frank Anderson will handle the payment for us since he reside in Canada. Mr.Frank is a long time friend of my family I contacted him about Nuo moving to Canada for her studies and he said is a nice idea and promised to help us out with the payment.

God has help me to rise Nuo up in His way so she is a nice young girl and you will love her I promise you. She will be going to a language school and have two schools which she's talking with but I have also asked her that am going to ask you to advice us on any good school close to your home, Can you help her to enroll when she comes over? Please note that her English speaking is very slow and for this I allowed her to visit my step-sister in England, I want her English to improve a bite before coming to your home. She will move from England to Canada I pray you will assist her.

Nuo is 19 year. Here in China if you can speak and write English you will have a very good job as the economy is growing everyday I want Nuo to be ready I want to give her my best now after I found her.

Let me hear from you.



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