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#1 Parent Desertfox - 2011-09-03, Engr Allen Bakken, UK

See how it changes in name and form, another one for the birds...I ve received a dozen of these letters with different names and Nationalities:
Read and bewarned and amused.

English Teacher needed to assist Engr Allen Bakken Family

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Allen Bakken
<> Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 1:43 AM

Hello Applicant?

I am using this opportunity to introduce myself as Engr Allen Bakken and my entire family. We are looking for a dynamic enthusiastic English teacher with positive and professional work ethics, as well as experience in teaching English to kids. Applicants should be open-minded and flexible, as well as sincerely dedicated to the best interests of developing good education to my kids.

I needed someone who is very independent, dedicated, loyal and most of all passionate about making a difference both in the classroom and out. My children are my life and you will be teaching two students in your lesson.

The Requirements:
Candidate must love children
Candidate must from 18yrs up
Teaching experience is not necessary
Any relevant Certificate will be accepted
12 months contract, which can be extended
Teaching hours ranged is 25hrs per week, Monday -Friday
Teach English as second language applicant from anywhere,

The Benefit:
Visa sponsorship
Salary scale monthly 3000 GBP
Full medical insurance provided
Fully furnished apartment with the rental set-up fees (paid by your employer)
Job location: United Kingdom

Please kindly send me your resume, and a recent color photo immediately.

Best regards
Allen Bakken family

#2 Parent Hunt Allen - 2011-06-17
Re SCAM ALERT: Jian Kang UK ESL teacher for my wife and daughter (fake tutor job)

This is one scam that I have not received, but I have received other similar to it. My advice to anyone is if you are ever asked to send money to an attorney/barrister/etc. for any reason, a visa, work permit, teaching certificate, whatever they choose to call it, NEVER SEND ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE. Whenever you are asked to do that, it is always a SCAM. Any reputable school will never ask you to pay for anything in advance of going to work for them. Also, you will never be asked to send money by Western Union. That is a dead givaway of a scam as well.

Just remember if you have a question as to the validity of the school or the offer, if you are ever asked to send any money for any reason to anyone, it is a scam and discontinue any correspondence with them plus post your experience on this site for others to be forewarned.

#3 Parent Charles Capaul - 2011-05-17
Re SCAM ALERT: Jian Kang UK ESL teacher for my wife and daughter (Border Agency, fake teaching job, England)


#4 Parent cunning linguist - 2011-04-27
Do not be foooled! (Warning)

Kristina, the problem with responding in detail is that the scammers will have access to this information as well. You might not be asking a basic question but be part of a scam scheme i.e tell us how it's a scam and then we will improve our scamming techniques next time. If this sounds harsh OK, but the internet can be used for evil things as well as good things. I make no apologies for being blunt.

  • If the information comes from the ADMIN of this Board then you should trust that they have it right.Simple

  • Nigerian scammers are onto a hiding to nothing, as law enforcement agencies are sharing information.
    Although the UK Data Protection Act does limit the information that can be obtained by an individual, law enforcement agencies can and do gain legitimate access.

    As someone who is skilled in research and taught the subject for a while, I can tell you that there some very basic sources to check to make it more difficult for these criminal bastards.

  • Anyone trying to scam in the UK can be reported to Scambusters among other agencies. If people claim they are doctors or working for companies in Britain or use the name of a lawyer or barrister or UK Border Agency these can be checked too. Quoting the name of a barrister should include their Chambers. If it doesn't then it is a scam. If it does then it can be checked in several sources and by sending an email either to the Chambers or to the Law Society.

  • Local Trading Standards Offices can be contacted and scam emails copied to them, especially where names and addresses are involved. I would do this everytime someone claims the job is in the UK. I would also copy it to the local police division.

  • Electoral Rolls can be checked (there are two versions, I won't go into details).

  • Passport control/and other government depts. will have details of any foreign nationals working legally in the UK. So Chinese doctors can be checked.

  • Have you noticed how many scams invoke 'God' somewhere in the text? These are to give a veneer of respectability and faith, when faith = honesty i.e. he's a god fearing person so he must be OK.
  • Pictures of the happy family that you will be employed by - these are stolen(identity theft) in many cases or picked-up from an internet image search. Or in another example pictures of three very young children (jobs for nannies) so one's first reaction will be emotional.
  • Scammers sometimes include pictures of the apartment where you will be living. There are tell-tale signs in some of the photographs.
  • But if you really want to avoid being scammed and lose money you should condider the psychology behind scams.

    "In research, commissioned by the Office of Fair Trading in the UK (OFT), the University of Exeter School of Psychology did four studies: in-depth interviews with 25 scam victims and 5 'near' victims and text mining of nearly 600 scam mailings, emails and web pages to identify key psychological triggers, the use of questionnaires and a behavioural experiment. This research provides valuable insight into the sophisticated, heartless and calculating psychological techniques used by scammers to exploit consumers. Scams often have a devastating emotional as well as financial impact on victims. This research will help to develop more effective methods to counter the scammers.

    The OFT research also found that many scams use a range of highly persuasive techniques. A common tactic is to seek to exploit basic human emotions such as excitement or fear to provoke a spontaneous 'gut reaction' to the scam offer. Such scams also abuse people's trust of authority by making a scam look like a legitimate offer from a reputable business or official institution." THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO TAKE NOTE

    So when scammers offer MOBILITY; an incredibly high salary; tell you that they have tried a local teacher before putting their kids in private school HA HA HA (with this last one, they are just responding to some of my earlier comments) it is all complete bollocks!!

    This Board gives advice in the Read Me First section. Unfortunately not many people read it I am told. Many regular posters have also and succintly stated that you don't send money and be extremely careful if, and when, sending any personal documents. Some posters have suggested sensible ways to protect yourself.

    These scammers are the scum of the earth. Nobodies who have no conscience, and prey on hapless people. These are not real jobs that are advertised but scams to relieve you of your money. Do lots of research and -

    If in doubt- throw it out!

    #5 Parent Kristina - 2011-04-24
    Re SCAM ALERT: Jian Kang UK ESL teacher for my wife and daughter

    Why/how do you know is it a scam?

    Lin - 2011-04-21
    SCAM ALERT: Jian Kang UK ESL teacher for my wife and daughter (fake tutor job, England)

    Don't fall for this scam!! I didn't


    Dear Teacher,
    I am Dr. Jian Kang of Anhui Province of China. I
    worked with Anhui Provincial People's Hospital before I
    relocated to 230 Chillingham Road,
    Heaton, Newcastle, few months ago and right now, I am
    in search of a professional International English Language teacher
    who can take my Wife, Meili and my 2 kids, Nuo and Niu in English
    classes I want you to know that i currently have someone who takes
    them English but
    he his not dedicating much time that i want my family to be giving,he
    has another job which
    doesn't make him have enough time for teaching.
    My family are thereby not progressing in English which is the much
    more reason i prefer to hire
    someone who will relocate and will be able to teach and at the same
    time access there learning
    The job is for one year so that they could adapt well in English
    before i will enroll them into private schools here.
    My wife and Kids are my treasure so I offer to pay you 4,500.00GBP if
    you will take up this position. I will provide you an Accommodation,
    furnished with a Television Set, and Internet Ready computer. A
    vehicle will be available also for Mobility if you can Drive.
    I need your updated resume for me to discuss more about you with my
    family and also talk to your references. Applicant Must be willing to
    Hoping to hear from you soonest, Cheers and God's blessings

    Dr Jian Kang
    230 Chillingham Road,
    Heaton, Newcastle,
    Tyne And Wear, NE6 5XL.

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