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#1 Parent Turnoi - 2011-05-22

It is unusual for agencies to ask clients for money.

In general, a "client" is purchasing a commercial item and is supposed to pay for it, including agency services - just think of the many dating agencies that are around!

It is quite different in case of recruiters in China or Korea, for example: They recruit teachers on behalf of various schools or "schools" that are their clients, and these agents (recruiters) get paid by the school. So, the schools are their clients. Hence, such agencies should never make a teacher they recruit for a certain school pay! If they make a teacher pay, then it is 100 % a scam! Keep your hands off!

The teachers recruited by such agencies on behalf of the schools or "schools" are the "commercial items" these recruiters sell to the schools or "schools". Just think of it, they get their "items" for free by you contacting them in search of a job, and their profit in most cases is 100%+ because they do not need to invest anything!

Thus, if anyone is asking you for a fee for his services of contacting you to a potential employer, you should know it is a crook and scammer!
Don't allow to be their victim - simply be very, very cautious!

#2 Parent John - 2011-05-20

The same thing happened to me. It is unusual for agencies to ask clients for money. So I am wondering too.

John Martin

judy coker-blaa - 2011-04-05 Malaysia (Recruitment Fee)

Site offered a three year contract with great salary in Malaysia. It was an email address on one of the regular ESL job placement groups.Then they asked for money for the contract, visa, etc. Anyone ever heard of them?

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