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A Narsi - 2011-03-25

Scam Reqruiters
I am still waiting for any of the recruiters in Lahore Pakistan that I contacted to send me their ID card, both front and back, scanned in full size as was issued to them by the Pakistani government, their tax certificate, business license, full name, address, fax, phone, and mobile number. All of these recruiter’s Consultants agents are scams working from a cyber cafe using a memory stick and your life history is being bought and sold or traded by scum with no regard for your documents, ID, credit, etc. Until proven otherwise all recruiters agents are crap. Do not trust them. Do not deal with them. If you did not dealing Pakistan, than don't deal at all. it is a bullshit consulting agency, it is not valid automatically. If you work for one of those crap agency centers in Pakistan you are just as bad as and even worse than the so called agents itself since you continue to support such scum. You do not need to work in Pakistan with any agents with there are so many options in education and certainly not some crap agents in Pakistan while being pimped off by all whore of a recruiter agents in Pakistan wanting to be a pimp.
I urgently advise you to stay away and not to deal with that region
in your own interest!

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