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#1 Parent Renata - 2012-11-01
Re: au pair (fake nanny job, Border Agency, England)

Hello, I received too a contact of a man, him name is Jones Weworth, and he said me that he was so interested in my job and send me pics of him son and a contract to work. Is the same contract that I saw here!! I almost believe that I could to find a job. Please, be careful!!

#2 Parent Jude - 2012-10-18
Re: Re au pair

I am so grateful for finding these reports. I feel so sick and violated. My daughter just accepted a job with identical job offer/contract but from a Mr. John Roger. I am attaching the correspondence that we received. I am unable to attach the Letter from the "Lawyer, Bar Cullen James". WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE GAIN FROM THIS? IF I COULD ONLY GET MY HANDS ON THEM.

Dear Au pair,

How are you doing? We hope this mail meets you in good health and hope
you and your family are doing wonderfully well? We feel great
contacting you for an Au pair position for a period of 6-12 Months
after reviewing your profile on website and we pray
eventually you will join our family. We are in
dire need of someone who can come into our home and take good care of
our son and most especially give him special attention. We need
someone charismatic and who is wonderful with children. An Au pair who
will love our little angel exactly the way we do. We love having fun
and we are positive you will enjoy the experience in our home.

My name is John Roger, 45 a video Editor and script writer with the
British Broadcasting Cooperation(BBC) and I travel alot, my wife Viola
36 is Working as an orthopedic surgeon with long days. Our only Son
Bill is 5 years old.
We live in a spacious lovely home in London, United
Kingdom. we need
someone who will be able to see to Bills immediate needs and give him
special attention. So that is why we contacted you. we need someone with more
experience and who can give our Son the care He needs and who
will love him just the way we do.

We are searching for someone special to enter the family and take care
of our beloved Son and also take care of our home when my wife
and I are away. Someone who appreciates family values and is ready and
willing to be a special friend and 'big
sister/brother if you like to our Son. We enjoy doing all sorts
of fun things such as going to the movies,barbecue,arts,having
friends and neighbors over for lunch, swimming,going to the amusement

Our Son enjoys his Comic books. We also love cooking and making
special delicacies.We are a young family and we love doing fun things
such as weekend
trips to our cabin where we go fishing, hunting and camping. My wife
makes the best grilled fish in the world if I may add. She also loves
to cook so we usually have family and friends over for dinner parties
and barbecues. We also have family weekends on Sundays after church(we
are Anglicans) where we meet with our extended family members and just
have fun and talk about the previous week. Bill loves this because he
gets to meet and play with his cousins. Bill is very special to us and
He is also gifted. He loves sports, arts, computer games. music and
takes piano lessons twice a week. She is also very funny and lights up
the house with his big smile and funny baby jokes.

Our Son is a very fun and energetic young lad full of life and
happiness. He is a joy to be around and we want the best for him. We
are confident the two of you will get along and get to know each other
so much better.

However due to our tight job schedules we do not always have time to
be there for him. So we basically need you to take care of him for a
few hours till we return. London is a lovely city full of life and we
are positive you will love it here.

We will pay for all document and travel expenses. Kindly send us your
resume and recent pictures of you so we may know more about you and
perhaps some of the work you have done and if satisfied we will
clarify you more about the more important details and working
conditions including your salary and other matters before finally
sending you a contract letter to make you an official and legal member
of our small but nice family.

Regards to you and your family and we hope to hear from you. All the best.

God bless.

Warmest Regards,
Family Roger

Dear Au pair Shannon

How are you doing today,hope good.
Please find a re-attached copy of this agreement with a changed date
to 29th of November to give you enough time to prepare for your

You do not need to visit the British Embassy in Gaborone as it is the
Barrister in charge of your application that can endorse and secure
this document from the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate here
in London.

If the changed date is acceptable by you do send a signed copy to Barr
Cullen James so he can go ahead to secure every needed document from
the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

Have a lovely day,and hope to see you soon.

Mr John Roger

#3 Parent Marlies - 2011-09-21
Re: au pair (fake nanny job, Border Agency, England)


You won't believe it but I just got scammed by the same person! Well, almost scammed... I did not send the money they wanted and went to the police. I also sent an e-mail tot the UK Home Office that they are using their name.

I can't believe that people do this... who can we trust?

#4 Parent Georgie - 2011-03-17
Re au pair

Thankyou so much for posting this! I too got offered the same contract, but I got offered more money making it that much more appealing, they too got confused with the gender of their son which led me to believe it was dodgy!

#5 Parent Gagalika - 2011-03-16
Re au pair

I really thank you for posting your contract letter as I received exactly the same a few days ago.Now I am really sure that it is a scam because I only had little doubts before.This family seemed so perfect!but I had my doubts when they emailed me that they were glad that I would take care of their "little daughter" but they had previously said that they had a son!!!
I thank you once again!

#6 Parent Turnoi - 2011-02-01
Re au pair

That's just another attempt at scamming, stay clear of that "offer".

Marija - 2011-01-31
au pair (fake nanny job, Border Agency, England)

So i almost got scammed and you can believe how greatful i am cause of this site!!!

So i was registered on this free au pair site and i was hoping i could find soe family i could work for and this 'man' sent me a message!
We were emailing each other and everything sounded perfect.. He sent me pic of his family which was like magazines and that was questionable, so i started to insist on skype conversation. Then he sent me CONTRACT! about my dutes and everithing which i signed and i am soooo feeling bad cause of it now, but they can do anything cause everything is scam.
I attached the contract so you can see what is all about!
God i am so pissed off..
this is the contract:

Dear Marija


Considering your posted excellent Resume,We would like to offer you the position of Au pair to our family. The terms and conditions of the job are as follows:

You will be required to work for approximately 35 hours per week. Every weekend, will be spent with the family or anywhere you wish as you would have the weekends off.

You would have a Private Live-Out or Live-In Accommodation depending on your preference with Private Bathroom, Sitting Room and Bedroom. Your room would also be furnished with a Television Set, an Internet Ready Computer System and a Fixed Landline telephone. We ask that all rooms be kept tidy and that friends staying over should only do so with our permission. If we go out as a family, you will generally be invited to come with us (at our expense) should you choose so. You are also allowed a Toyota picanto car for your easy accessibility and also in the case of emergency.

Duties and responsibilities
Your main duty is the due care of Andrea You will be required to get her ready for the day, get her to school, collect her after school and see to her needs in the afternoon. You will also be required to assist with homework, bath and change her as required, arrange visits with friends, see to after school activities, play games together as well as anything else that may be necessary for their amusement and wellbeing.
You will be paid an amount of £450GBP (four hundred and fifty), monthly. You will also be receiving 80GBP allowance this to see to Andreas after needs like going to the parks, buying of dulls, chocolates etc. Additional hours will be paid at a rate that we may agree between ourselves.

Start Date and Period of Employment:
You are expected to resume duties with us by the 27th of February 2011 and to stay for a minimum period of 6 Months to a year. If due to circumstances beyond your control or for any other reason, you wish to leave at an earlier date than our agreement, you will be required to give one month’s notice. Medical Insurance will also be put in place so you can be taken care of.
In the event of a need for disciplinary action, the procedure will be: First - a verbal warning.
Second - a written warning.
Third - dismissal without need for further notice. Reasons with would give rise to summary dismissal would be:
Theft and related misconduct

Illegal drug taking.
Child abuse or neglect.

You will have 3 weeks paid vacation after 4 months of work. Vacation must be negotiated however, well in advance.

You will be enrolled at a Public School to attend a course in any language of your choice for foreigners for the duration of your stay. We look forward to having you with us and are sure that our association will be a long and happy one. Please sign a copy of this letter as acceptance of its terms and conditions.

A Certificate of Eligibility is important to prove that we are sponsoring your travel down to the UK and to prove that you are eligible to take up a job position in UK before they send you Interview Date and reference number to visit the nearest UK Embassy in your country. The Certificate of Eligibility would be issued to you with your Appointment Reference Number and Interview Date to visit the nearest UK Embassy in your country for Entry approval.

You are to sign the contract after going through it and send a scanned copy via e mail indicating your intended travel date and Airport (For Flight Booking which we shall pay for), to the UK Home Office in charge of applications for Certificate of Eligibility for their records and advice to us:
This contract is signed this day 30\01\2011 between MR Pierre Brunet hereinafter the employer,
Marija Radoman, the employee and Bar Cullen James Family’s Lawyer.

UK Home Office, Border Agency, PO Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA,
United Kingdom

Employers signature Employees signature ..

Bar Cullen James


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