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mike - 2011-01-31

Teachers please tell all your students that a group of Nigerian men are offering young and gullible girls a job of going to Viet nam, laos and Cambodia to pick up some sample garments or some electronic goods,They are offering a Round trip airfare. accomodations at a 5 star hotel and 2000 rmb for a 2 day job of picking up some samples in laos or nam or cambodia. Now first of all these items can be sent by any mail service for a fraction of the cost so you must ask the question WHY? It is Heroin that they are putting in the suitcase of these young girls. I had a student who we all warned not to get involved with this scam but she did it anyway. She was a simple girl living in Houjie and working at an insurance company,she thought she was going to make some EASY MONEY by picking up the "SAMPLE GARMENTs" But now she will pay for it with her life . She was busted coming into Shanghai last month with 2 kilos of heroin that was hidden inside the package of "Sample garments that she thought she was delivering".This young and dumb girl had never even heard of Heroin before in her life. The Nigerian that set her up told her that he loved her and she could make some easy money and she fell for it. Under Chinese law anything over 50 grams or not quite 2 ounces of Heroin possesion is punishable by death a gunshot to the back of her head. She is in Shanghai now awaiting her execution which will take place after Chinese New year. Meanwhile the Nigerians continue to walk the street looking for another innocent young girl that they can convince to smuggle in these samples for them. The Chinese police arent concerned about stopping the Nigerians they think that it will be case closed when they execute her for being stupid. They should be using her as bait to get these men . Right now there are over 100 girls in Guangdong prisons awaiting the same fate as my student. Please dont let this happen to another girl and make sure that everyone knows about this scam that is happening now all over China.It is not Easy Money when you die for falling prey to these NIGERIAN CON MEN.

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