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#1 Parent Steve - 2011-04-02
Re Home Teacher in UK, West Midlands...3000GBP/Mo.

This is clearly a scam. Google the paragraph about kids being his treasure and you will see how many other posts are just like this.

#2 Parent cunning linguist - 2011-01-15
Re Home Teacher in England, West Midlands...3000GBP/Mo.

"Anyway, any thoughts on this other than my observations?" I despair that anyone would be conned into replying by these unsoliticited communications . A simple check of the BT phonebook or UK postcodes would give further information. The address given is that of RK Transport Services ( road haulage) so unless Dr Cheung drives a truck in his spare time it is false. OK not everyone is listed in the phonebook - ex-directory or another service provider but it's a start. Some good advice given here was to ask for a Skype video conversation. I would go further and do a (secret) screen capture of the individual - but they won't agree because they know they have been rumbled.

* The children of foreign nationals (with appropriate documentation) can attend state school in the UK.
* Private, fee-paying schools cost less than £3,000 per month
* There are unemployed qualified English teachers in the UK. £36,000 a year is far more than a basic teacher's salary.

We keep saying here that all of these too good to be true offers are just that.

Need I go on? I would guess that this type of scam is nothing more than identity theft.

Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

ajdamiano - 2011-01-14
Home Teacher in England, West Midlands...3000GBP/Mo. (fake tutor job)

Got this one a few days back and as I had not seen this maneuver before, I replied. All seemed on the up and up until I researched further. I think the part that really got us thinking was the fact that he continually avoided the quesstion of why he would hire from outside the UK when there are plenty of ready and willing english speakers probably a stonmes throw away.

Anyway, any thoughts on this other than my observations?

Here'sthe initial email that we recieved.....

Dear applicant,

I am Dr. Chi Cheung a native of Dali City in Yunnan Province of P. R. of China. I worked with No.1 People's Hospital of Dali City before I relocated to West Midlands, England a month ago and right now, I am in search of a professional International English Language teacher who can take my Wife, Jiahui and my 2 kids, Jian and Juan in English classes.

My wife and Kids are my treasure so I offer to pay you 3,000.00GBP if you will take up this position. I will provide you an Accommodation, furnished with a Tv Set, and Internet Ready desktop computer. A vehicle will be available also for Mobility if you can Drive.

I need your updated resume for me to discuss more about you with my family and also talk to your references. Applicant Must be willing to relocate to England.
Hoping to hear from you soonest, Cheers and God's blessings

Dr. Chi Cheung,
1 Temple Bar,
Willenhall, West Midlands,
WV13 1SQ,United Kingdom.

...oh yeah, the dude would try to get my at like 3am on skype too.

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