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New pronunciation game idea  by: ESL+games
I've just posted a new idea for a pronunciation game based on minimal pairs, haven't had a chance to try it out yet!
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ESL English Lesson: New cyber curriculum to be taught to British teens  by: D.J. Robinson
Thousands of British teenagers are to be taught a new cyber curriculum. Training will be given in cyber security. The idea being, that it will help boost British defences against the rising threat of..
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Re Confused Words: Words That English Learners Tend to Confuse   by: Antecedtly smith
Investigate these two sentences – one of them contains an error: I poured over book after book. We pored over the catalogues. Is it accurate to say that you are questionable which one is correct?..
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Every job has its own facts and misconceptions and teaching ESL is no exception. Here are some of the common myths about teaching English. Myth # 1: Teaching is easy and anyone can do it Teaching in..
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Sure Fire English - Free ESL Conversation eBook  by: Paul Hefford
Since you're an ESL instructor, you might like a copy of SureFire English It's a conversation ebook written to get students to speak in class. I'm giving away copies to esl teachers and students at..
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Re: How important is learning English to students in China  by: BeenThere
Do you explain in your book that football causes irreparable damages to the brain through serial concussions? Football is losing ground in the US and now of course some people want to benefit from..
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Re: Global English School, Matsusaka, Japan  by: Eric
Update: I was also not paid in full and 3 weeks late upon deciding to leave, even after I went to the labour board. This was after they wanted me to close my bank account and "promised" they'd send..
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Re: Suncheon City, South Korea  by: Marwood Forte
Is there anyone here now? I just moved here a week ago. I would love to make some Friends who are in the similar situation as me. (foreign teachers) Please let me know.
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Stinky Tourist Feet On The Bus  by: steve
This should be put on the tourist wall of shame.
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Re: Setting up a private school in the Philippines  by: Trevor Gordon
I am a teacher here in The Philippines. I am from England and i have been living and teaching here for 10 years. The things you should be aware of are: the lengthy process of the application. The..
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A walk with Salaam Baalak Trust, New Delhi  by: Pankaj Singh
Let’s be frank – India can be a terrifying place. Recently, a stranger I met at the Sunburn festival in Goa related an interesting story. His friend had apparently decided to Visit India for a..
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Re: Shane Schools Japan - know what you're letting yourself in for  by: Jagon
I agree. Before coming to Japan to teach English consider your options. Shane is one of many Ekaiwa conversation schools in Japan but this is a million miles away from real teaching. I worked for..
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looking for a travel mate in australia  by: Nishoshay saigal
i wish to bagpack across australia and need a travel mate female or a male who is a local and has the urge to travel. expenses to borne equally. i will be spending a month . any ideas ?? nosh mumbai..
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Exploring the Beauty of Kornati Islands  by: Ivan Horvat
Traveling and exploring islands is always a unique experience. While most islands are beautiful, some are more beautiful and have more to offer than others. A prime example of such islands is the..
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Re: Is it possible to get a job teaching English in Mexico before moving there?  by: John
Defintiely possible! Search online, search schools in Mexico, especially language centres, ask to have an interview via skype, boom!
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Top US Budget Destinations for 2012 Travel  by: S Hurley Hall
Do your plans for 2012 include a vacation - a real vacation? Is your travel limited by the amount you can spend? Then you're in luck. Following is a guide to four of the best U.S. destinations in..
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India - Ranthambore  by: Hotel Ananta Palace
We provide the best hotel in Ranthambore. Run by a best team, Hotel Ananta Palace is one of the finest hotels in Ranthambore. Built in traditional style, there are beautifully carved balconies,..
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Re: teaching esl to asian children (unmotivated students)  by: zombie5
Very good point. Works well in some demanding situations.
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ESL Freebies  by: Rolf
Check it out, plenty of freebies for Asian teachers
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Russia - Moscow (Myasnitskaya, 11)  by: START2STUDY - Center for the Study of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University
START2STUDY courses have existed for more than 15 years and successfully cooperate with the program of additional education of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. There are..
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Beijing  by: Meijiahuana Education Technology Co.,Ltd
In line with the scientific laws of children's physical and mental development, teaching methods to adapt to the child's age characteristics and expand thinking Real-time learning of children's..
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Philippines - Baguio City  by: PINES INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY
Accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) on October 29, 2002. English Level 1 to 10 plus TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS.
English schools in Japan  · See all 147 posts ·
Takamatsu  by: Step by Step Eikaiwa
Step by Step Eikaiwa is an English school in Kagawa Prefecture founded in 2012 by teachers with years of experience teaching in various settings and at all different levels from kids to adults. We..
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Chuncheon  by: Lolly School
Welcome to Lolly School. Lolly School utilizes foreign language as an appropriate method for communication in a safe and comfortable environment. Lolly's education system is designed and focused on..
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Australia - Melbourne  by: Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA)
At Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA), students can be sure of receiving high-quality education and training. We provide a wide range of career-oriented courses like English Language Training,..
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Chile - Puerto Varas  by: Idiomas Sin Fronteras
We are Idiomas Sin Fronteras, a language school situated in Northern Chilean Patagonia. Our goal is provide cultural exchange between the teachers, travelers and our students, working in small size..
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Ontario - Ottawa  by: RILO ESL Summer Holiday Camp
RILO offers a 4 week intensive English Language Program in July and August every year for students aged 11-17 years old. We are an all inclusive language program that only accepts 8 students per..
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Based in Shanghai  by: usasishu
Our company was founded in early 2015 based in Shanghai, named "usasishu". We are a professional English training school mainly to teach students aged from 5 to 15 years old online. Athough we are..
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Spanish in Madrid, Spain  by: TANDEM Madrid
TANDEM Madrid is more than a school. It aims to promote the learning of Spanish by taking a humanistic and holistic approach to the student, and by fostering understanding and rapport between people..
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Thailand - Phuket  by: TEFL Campus Phuket
TEFL Campus offers Phuket's only TEFL training course with university-level accreditation (from Fort Hays State University). It is also Phuket's highest-rated course--contact us for links to..
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Nepal  by: Indra Foundation
Volunteer in Nepal with Indra Foundation, a responsible volunteer organization in Nepal which offers various meaningful Volunteering, Internships & Gap Year program Opportunities in Nepal. We offer..
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Re: What should i do//Update  by: Hurricane
The files are now ready to be downloaded. Please check your email, also in the spam folder in case my email ended up there.
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Free Advanced English Course Online  by: Dr Norman
I am putting an advanced English course on YouTube. Each week, the next video in the course is added. This is the video only version of the Advanced English Learning course. You can start the course..
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A Resume Mirrors Your Character: 5 Tips In Writing a Good Resume  by: Gab
We have rounded up another set of tips from one of our recruiters, Ms. Jess, to help our dear applicants ace the recruitment process. Read on to learn more! Do we really need to make an effort in..
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Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You  by: Sujain Thomas
Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You It doesn’t really matter whether you are one of those meticulous and go-by-the-book travelers or simply the fancy and footloose types without a care..
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The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
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if you go back to basics  by: tn
if you go back to basics when things don’t go your way, usually it works out.
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What you should know about working abroad  by: Alice Berg
What you should know about working abroad Finding the best job for yourself isn't a piece of cake, as it takes lots of planning, practising and much time. In order to acquire the position you want so..
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My time in this world is limited  by: tn
"My time in this world is limited, but the things that I can do with that time are not" -Jeb Corliss Wingsuit pilot
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Mark Cuban quote:  by: tn
"Make those you're dependent on for a paycheck dependent upon you"
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Which is a better version?  by: Jason
I'd like to invite native speakers to comment on the quality of the next two versions of the same Chinese poem. Which is a better version, and why? I know it can be difficult to comment without..
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Up Your Marketing Game on Instagram  by: Instamacro
Up Your Marketing Game on Instagram with These Two Easy-to-Follow Tips Social media has changed the face of online marketing, with Instagram being among the top sites enabling marketing professionals..
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Edinburgh  by: Caledonian Way