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sadexpatabroad - 2019-01-03

First of all. You do not actually work for Shane. You work for 5+ outside locations, and teach at Shane on the weekends. Shane doesn't tell you about these outside locations before coming to China, and you are forced to travel 1+ hours each way every day. In the morning you work at Kindergarten A, in the afternoon you travel to kindergarten B, and in the evening you have night classes at your home base (Shane English School). This amounts to several hours of unpaid travel time each and every day. This chaotic schedule repeats itself on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; and then on the weekends you have to teach 8 hours each day at Shane English School.

School promises a working visa with an expert certificate. Both were provided through extremely sketchy means. Apparently Shane in Shijiazhuang lost its license to hire Foreign Teachers, so any and all new teachers MUST process their visas through a random school in another city / province. This means that new teachers will have to travel 4-5 hours by bus several times during their first month in China.

This Shane Branch is owned by a man named "Mi" (name edited for privacy), he is the most incompetent man you will ever meet. If I were to write a book about his failures, the book would be over 1000 pages long. He has an English school with over 400 students, and a fencing side with about 20 students. He has remodeled the fencing school 4 times in the last 5 years, each time costing hundreds of thousands of RMB. Meanwhile as he keeps throwing money to the fencing side of his school, the English side is falling apart. Not only do we have to deal with the English side being filled with constant construction smoke, there are leaks in the ceiling, massive gaps in the stairs, holes in the walls, 2-3 dead rats are found each week, every computer is broken and the power goes off at least once per weekend due to lack of payment.

Do not expect Shane to assist you on your days off. You have Monday and Tuesday off, and so do they. They provide zero assistance to newcomers to the city. Want internet? Good luck. Want a cell phone? Good luck. Want to pay your winter heating bill? Good luck. The school will only help its teachers during regular office hours, Wednesday - Sunday. The problem is that your schedule is so full of travel time, outside classes, and night classes, that you will be unable to do anything on those days. Say you're lucky enough to have a class cancelled on Wednesday morning, don't expect them to help you, they will find any excuse they can not to assist you.

New teachers receive ZERO training or welcome support. If you arrive on Tuesday morning you will be teaching by Tuesday night. If you arrive on Tuesday night, you will be teaching by Wednesday morning. I am not exaggerating. This happened to me and two teachers who arrived before me.

The main manager that we had to interact with was "Bummer" (name edited for privacy). Do not expect her to help you in any way shape or form. The only thing she was good for was gossiping with her 2 stooges, "Bancy and Bichelle" (names edited for privacy). She is constantly telling staff members false and negative things about other staff members, I think she feeds on the chaos it causes.

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