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David Vance - 2018-07-11

I have now completed one academic year at TN1FLS, teaching IGCSE Maths, Physics, and Chemistry to middle school students, and maths to grade 3 students, and am contracted to return to teach in the middle school and nascent high school.
If you are requiring absolute perfection at your school, then you will not find it here at TN1FLS. For my own part, I encountered more problematic jerks in two different Australian schools than anything I have encountered here, other than a smallish crony group of foreign teachers that were targeting me in particular as an obstacle to their power aspirations, which has now been disbanded and mostly left the school. Some negative reviews posted by this group are still extant. I suggest that you have very little chance of finding absolutely perfect conditions at any other school in Asia or elsewhere that you may be considering teaching at. I have found the Chinese teachers I have had to deal with as co-teachers or otherwise to be pretty reasonable, and have no major complaints about other Chinese staff that I have dealt with, nor about payment of monies due.
If you are a competent enough teacher, you have a fairly good opportunity here at the TN1FLS to go ahead and competently enough teach.
Regarding the supposed need to flee the locality at every weekend, if you are not the sort of idiot whose idea of quality-of-life centres on consumption of iconic western junk food, junk products and junk culture, e.g. you are able to muster enough initiative to engage yourself in quality activities such as reading good books (e.g. as readily purchasable online), carrying out some variety of healthy exercise activities, learning about things Chinese, playing a musical instrument (some very good value-for-money available online here), drawing, painting or sculpting, or photography, or a course of study on the side, or some research and writing, or participating in some local sporting or cultural events, etc., etc., etc., you should be able to get along quite well enough here for some years.
For most of the year here the air is good enough not to warrant use of a respirator mask, and for some days of winter, they are very cheaply and readily available, and easy enough to get used to. There are no mountains immediately to hand, unfortunately, from my point of view, but one cannot have everything. We have now formed the Hiking, Biking and Running Club (some of us are also involved with triathlon), and interested persons can be assisted with training, outings, bicycle purchase, assembly and maintenance, and event location and entry, with no obligation to be anyone’s special friend or to participate in anything more than they want to.

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