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Samantha_93ru - 2018-07-07

I just finished my contract at one the worst schools I've ever worked for there are so many problems about this school there is basically nothing positive to say about it.
The full name of this university is Tianhe College of Guandong Polytechnic Normal University. This is easily the worst University to work for in Guangzhou when I first I arrived I thought it was in the Tianhe district but they never actually told me where it was. I found it's located in the Baiyun District almost 45 minutes from the nearest subway station. There are trash trucks that drive by until late in the night and the entire smells like trash because the school located near the second largest garbage dump in China.

The apartment was just terrible they didn't even clean it and there was black stuff near all the windows. I did have a western toilet but seat wasn't even attached the toilet bowl didn't have a top. This is absolutely the worst apartment I've ever had in my life. I'll also add the apartment is right next to the road so yes trash trucks drive until really late night.

There are only two buses you can take to leave the school but they only depart in 30 minute frequencies and it's incredibly over crowded just outrageous you can never really go out and last bus leaves Tianhe Coach Terminal at 9:00 PM. The classrooms suck the computers work sometimes other times it can take 10 minutes to get it to work. It even got to a point that one time I went the night before and had someone replace the monitor. The next morning I arrive in class and realize someone came back and put in the old monitor and my students final exams were delayed for 15 minutes waiting for someone to fix the computer again.

A lot of the students are lazy, they don't try, and they don't want a challenge. They'll complain if you make things too difficult for them or even push them a little then the administration will will basically tell you to just let them play games or let them do what they want. There were several times when students didn't do their work and I gave them no credit they complained and the administrators pressured me to give them more time to do it. It's basically just a scam to make money for the school to make money.

The students hate living here and I don't blame them it's just a horrible place do NOT teach here. I didn't do my research on it and I payed the price for it. I will say that they usually paid me on time and my payments were usually the correct amount. But if you get an offer teach at Tianhe College of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University don't do it. Do not go unless you enjoy the smell of trash.

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