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David - 2018-05-25

You should not teach at this school. Years of working at various universities around China, and this was the worst school by far. The biggest problem is that it is a private university, where the school will try to nickel and dime to death. I left out the normal “China things” that you get everywhere. Also, the worst person in the international office quit, so that eliminated a lot of unnecessary drama.

Pay is on time
No rent
Flat and classrooms have AC


The contract is ridiculous and worded in such a way that even the school doesn’t know what it means. You are payed base pay and for each hour you work. So if you teach 60 hours in one month, you get base pay plus your hourly rate. Some months you have more hours, some you have much less. They try to get you to sign up to taking your hours from the whole semester and spreading that pay over the life of your contract. But they don’t actually count the hours, they count the weeks. So 16 weeks* normal weekly hours = pay. What they don’t/ won’t take into consideration is that some months have more hours than others, holidays also affect this as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that during the winter holiday you are not teaching so you only get base pay, and nothing else. Think of yourself as an hourly worker. Every other university gives you a set amount every month, even during the holidays.

Flight money
Currently the contract requires you to give them the boarding passes from your flights as well as the receipt to get your fight money. So if you don’t renew your contract you need to leave China, mail them the boarding passes, they put the flight money into your Chinese account, and now you have to figure out how to get it. Also, if you do resign your contract, you MUST go to your country to get your flight money. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Every university in China just gives it to you at the end of your contract as it is yours.

There are two programs there, one is the normal English department and the other is the 2+2. The 2+2 is the IELTS program for students who study two years at Jilin university and 2 years at a foreign university. Currently the 2+2 program is not good and needs to be changed. The school gives you books which have nothing to do with IELTS and says just do what you want. Freshman are good students but the sophomores can be terrible, and honestly I don’t blame them. To go abroad they need to pass their IELSTS, and by the second semester in their sophomore year the students have either passed the exam or decided to change their course. Therefore, they could care less what happens in the IELTS classes. They sleep, play on their phones, chat, and some just don’t come.

Yes, it is next to the ocean which looks nice for sure, but I would never step foot on the beach. Raw sewage from the university gets dumped into the ocean next to the beach, the smell on a warm day will make you gag. Not to mention just off shore they have massive fish farms. There is nothing to do there, and I am not being dramatic. There are a few shops for food and to service the students. Transportation to Zhuhai city, is about an hour at best.

Nothing is provided in your apartment, even if something is left by previous teachers they remove it all. You will need to buy bedding, dishes, microwave, and cooking utensils. Some of the teachers even bought a couch as they give you a wooded one. Most teacher have bought a new bed as well. The bed they give you is a single and is short, like most teachers can’t use it because we are too tall. It is also barley better than sleeping on the floor. Where you will live is 15-20 min by bus to get to where the restaurants are located. The only food near you is the student canteen. The bus stops at 2200, so if you come back late make sure you make them let your taxi in, as it will be a 40-minute walk home from the gate.

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