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Jack McCoy - 2018-05-16

I was teaching at this school out in Huinan on Line 16 until the end of January and this school needs to be avoided at all costs!!!!

It's one of these "dual diploma" schools where Chinese students are supposedly prepping to get into a US university where they take several courses in English. You are told these students have good English skills and are motivated to study etc. This is a total sham, most of the students have rudimentary English skills, are unmotivated and discipline problems. In fact some of the students have been to one or two other schools only to expelled for discipline problems.

In my time there I had numerous problems with student behavior including being assaulted by several students yet the admin chose to do nothing in fact I was told not to come back (I'd already put my notice in and was leaving at the end of the month), not the students. I'd try and call an admin to come down and deal with a student and I'd be lucky to get one. I'd demand a student not be allowed back in my class and the next day the kid would be back in class.

Students would skip class and nothing would happen to them. Admin would blame you for them skipping saying your classes aren't interesting.

Admin will also walk around and look into your classroom and if they see a student sleeping, playing on his phone etc it is your fault

After I left, I was told a student brought a gun to class causing a ruckus in 2 classrooms, admin was called and again nothing was done to the student the reasoning being it was a pellet gun. When word of the incident was spread on the foreign teacher's WeChat group the admin got upset that the foreign staff was ruining the reputation of the school

the HR person is so incompetent her mistakes have caused several teachers to go on costly visa runs the school wont reimburse

the one upside was the South African academic director they brought in September is an absolute first class guy who tries his best

All the current teachers are leaving and the admin is saying they don't care about the students and blaming the foreign teachers for the problems going on

All the school cares about is its revenue stream forget about teaching

I could go on

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