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Dawson - 2018-04-13

I am writing this review to I worked at this academy for a year and finished my whole contract with them. During my yearly stay, I have experienced everything his academy has to offer.
The work schedule is quite pleasant. When it comes to the lessons, a curriculum has been planned out that works in junction with the Korean teachers. The students learn the grammar first and then practice it with you, a good system and it shows with a number of students I have worked with. I have enjoyed working with adults is far more pleasant than children. They appreciate humor and are more willing to learn compared to children. The school offers a variety of levels, from basic learners to more advanced students. The classes are a good size, you will never be overwhelmed by the amount of students and you will come to first name basis with all of them. I enjoyed working with the other workers too. It is a small nit group that helps when needed. They help everywhere from making lessons to ensuring you are where you need to be, ensuring that you aren’t left to the wolves. You will work closely alongside a fellow foreign teacher too.
As for the money, the academy has always paid on time with the occasional chance of a monthly bonus. The staff even checks to see you have been paid. This included medical insurance and housing. Severance and a plane flight back were included too with the contract.
Another benefit of the academy is the location. It is in an optimal place in Korea. The apartments are close to the academy, taking about 5 minutes to walks to. The city itself provides all the necessities you need, plus the military base is nearby, so you can easily go and see some of the other foreigners and soldiers. The inside of the school is cozy and clean. It has a good environment and becomes quite familiar quickly.
Overall my experience here has been enjoyable. It is a good place to start teaching adults in Korea, as there are few throughout the country.

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