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#1 Parent New2018 - 2018-03-29
Re kuwait national english school

Dear all,
Please some one tell how is working in KNES -Kuwait National English School?
I have applied for job here.
I am being reluctant on seeing so much of negative comments on this school.

But the comments are almost 10 years old.
Has the school changed and is it worth working a year at school.

Thank You

#2 Parent Barbara Huebl - 2008-10-21
Re: kuwait national english school - ESL school review

Just saw an email from Greg dotzenko. i was wondering if you ever taught in Alaska?

#3 Parent Greg Dotzenko - 2007-07-19
Re: kuwait national english school - ESL school review

I would advise all teachers looking to work at KNES to be careful. The Director is truly an evil person. She is a lair, cheat and outside of Kuwait she is nothing but a common thief and very common minded small person with no depth---in Kuwait she has power because she has money and owns the school. Not a soul in the school trusts her because she rules with fear and pressure. Do not trust what your contract says because she does not honor it. Do not trust the web site propaganda---the school is the worst in Kuwait if not in the Middle East---check with the Kuwait Ministry of Education---they are on to her and refuse to pay her government money because the school is so fraudulent. The CIS and other endorsements will soon go away when they investigate and take a close look at the school. The teachers at the school are very good but are forcefully directed by her unprofessional greed---they all leave at the end of contract. BE CAREFUL AND AVOID THIS SCHOOL

buffy the vampire slayer - 2005-01-09
kuwait national english school

In Response to a post (below) on the Discussion Forum Board: Kuwait National English School (CB)

take a job in iraq! better yet you would have a better chance of surviving a tsunami! don't even think of going to that school!

the director is a she devil! her secretary rides a broom!

Kuwait National English School

Posted By: CB
Date: 6 December 2004

I would like to ask if anyone has heard of Kuwait National English school. I have a friend who is searching for information on this school. She has been offered a teaching position there and is looking for a "teachers' perspective" on the school environment. Any teachers who have taught there or heard of it, please post a msg.
Thank you,

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