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#1 Parent Asd - 2018-03-29
Review of American Language Village (ALV)

I like your Chinglish!

#2 Parent Jackson - 2018-03-29
Review of American Language Village (ALV)

So after all the reviews here, I did go to teach at ALV during the summer of 2017. I am a professional teacher in Tokyo teaching Japanese and Chinese. I have also taught Spanish in Tokyo. I have a PhD in Educational Administration licensed in California. This is just a bit of background before I give my opinion.

I really enjoyed teaching at ALV. The TA that I had at the different camps were fantastic and supportive. They were ready to learn new teaching techniques and wanted to practice real teaching and keeping things fun and active! We did so many crazy things with the students. We made up songs, chants and anything we could do to get those little guys talking in English. It was a great way to try out some different teaching methods for me. I love learning to teach better.

The material was OK. There were definitely issues with the textbooks. However, I have never seen a 'perfect" text. If you happen to come across one, let me know.

The accommodations were fantastic. I know everyone has a different experience with this. But the places I stayed were clean and friendly. The place in Taichung had the most interesting breakfasts (pot roast, salad and cheese cake to mention items on the bar). So, it was really nice.

Before I started I was able to ask questions about everything to some guy named James (who I never saw or met). I did meet the owner and his daughter. Both were pleasant. Daughter speaks little English. He would listen and help out if he could. Somethings are beyond his control such as weather and schools that are untidy.

The first school I was in was so dirty. I asked the TA's to help me clean it up before using it the night before the camp. It took 1 1/2 hours. It was worth it to feel comfortable. I recommended that the owner find a different location the next year. It is not easy to find that kind of space so we will see if he can or will.

So, if you go. I hope you enjoy you time as much as I did!

#3 Parent Carey - 2017-04-24
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

Hi there! Just wondering if you know the process for applying to the ALV camp? I'm currently teaching in Vietnam but would like to check out Taiwan for the summer and I heard good things about this program. Any information helps :)

#4 Parent joan stein - 2016-04-10
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

ALV was interesting and good. The students were motivated, fun and (for the most part) very well behaved. I was impressed at how attentive they were
for the many hours of class each day of the week for three solid weeks.
I was impressed by the environment, the staff, and the support given to teachers.
Teaching in a different country/culture will always have challenges..........but i found ALV to be a supportive, fun, learning environment.
I found the management to be fair, welcoming and generous.

Joan Stein

San Diego,CA

#5 Parent Pete Fagyvaley - 2016-03-18
Review of American Language Village (ALV)

I donot agree with you Matt, even I was treated very badly at the 2016 camp and I was put with the kids that was very horrible and no respect at all. The camp was dirty and not cleaned and I know that there were teachers and other staff that thought about themselves

#6 Parent PortiaCle - 2016-03-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

I totally agree with u asd... This organization is not that good and they use the teachers by being nice to them in the beginning and then being tossed to one side thats what happen to me.. I was treated very badly by the staff the teachers and company..

#7 Parent PortiaCle - 2016-03-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)


I know that u are protecting your friend like that but people out there have the freedom of speech.. they can write anything.. Tom, go get a real job ALV is not a real job its a scam..

#8 Parent PortiaCle - 2016-03-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

I really donot agree with you Matt... Others have been treated really bad and others have been dishonest.. Nothing is perfect and ALV is not perfect at all.. A company needs to be honest in what they are putting in their adds and also When I was with Tim I was treated very badly when I was teaching and even tim knew about it. I wish you luck


#9 Parent Pete Fagyvaley - 2016-03-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

I totally agree with you ALV Taiwan, No good and their camps are very dirty and not clean. They mislead individuals regarding when Hiring teachers and preferred around Asia it should be honored, if not it should state we only looking for teachers who live in Taiwan.. Why mislead people.. when I worked at the camp for winter 2016 I was treated really bad and the kids were very spoiled and horrible.. I wish that this organization will be honest with people there are better ESL camps out there that treat people with dignity

#10 Parent Pete Fagyvaley - 2016-03-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)


It is understandable that people are like that, Even I was treated very badly by ALV Taiwan, They were nice to me in the beginning but at the end it was not good.. I was promised this and all of the sudden nothing at all... Understand it... This organization needs to be honest to all applicants when they are applying for work because it will be a waste of time..


#11 Parent Tim - 2016-02-28
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

I met Matt. He's the white guy in the photo on his post. He's not a Chinese person writing propaganda. Everyone can have their own opinion of an employer. In this case, reactions to working for ALV do vary, but I have never known any salary problems.

ASD, in his/her reply, seems to be extremely paranoid to accuse the main OP of being not a real person.

Write about your own experiences, fine (if you have any, but so far you are only referring to what others have written), but you can't go accusing people you've not met of not being real when they have a photo up!

#12 Parent asd - 2016-02-17
Reveiw of American Language Village (ALV)

A chinese person writing propaganda about an organisation in Taiwan that regularly takes advantage of its teachers.

Do not work for ALV. There are numerous threads with negative consequences pertaining to salary not being correctly paid, long hours, terrible accommodation, poor syllabus etc.

Matt - 2016-02-16
Review of American Language Village (ALV)

I would like to take a moment to give a review on an English camp that I have been participating in for 4 years now as an instructor. American Language Village (ALV) is a company that provides summer and winter English camps to Taiwanese children. I have read poor reviews here in the past but I would like to share my experiences with ALV. Like any camp I feel that most of the kids are from middle to upper class families. Some of these kids can be a bit spoiled and unruly at times but the action of the kids do not mean that it's a bad organization. ALV has very good staff running the individual camps. These camp Directors and Leads are very dedicated to organizing and offering a successful camp. The foreign teachers that ALV acquire for the seasonal camps are either already in Taiwan teaching for language schools or they offered an instructor position with reimbursement compensation from teachers abroad, such as myself. Most of the teachers are great but a few bad ones have snuck in from time to time. When they are discovered they are usually removed and replaced. The teaching assistants are excellent young Taiwanese youths, usually in their late teens to early twenties. My experience with the camps are very rewarding because the staff that I get to work with are amazing. I love all of my Directors, Leads and TA's from all of my previous camps with ALV. I do meet some great young students as well along the way and I stay in touch with many of them through Facebook. But for me, the friendships that I have made with my Co-Teachers, Directors, Leads and TA's is what keeps me coming back. I have made some amazing new friends that will remain dear to me for the rest of my life. I know this for sure. Also, ALV has always honored the contract that is offered to a teacher. I have never been short changed in any way, ever! So if you are looking to have a great experience, work with some wonderful people, make new friends and get paid at the same time then I would recommend giving ALV a try. All they ask of you is to do your best, follow their syllabus and have fun.

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