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Rachel - 2018-03-29

ENFLY are well known for their shady operations. They actually outdo Yuncheng English Village which takes some doing.

They generated a website called and flooded websites like Gumtree and even put adverts on the Department of Work and Pensions jobseekers website in the UK.

The address they list on their website is a rented mailbox at mailboxes etc next to Piccadilly station in Manchester and the phone number is a virtual Skype number which could be directed anywhere.

Simply, avoid them at all costs. They will as someone else mentioned promise you the world just to get you to China and then you will find everything was a 'misunderstanding'. They seem to be especially keen to ensnare UK teachers. I heard one of their staff members saying that 'they (UK teachers) are easier to control and less outspoken than Americans'.


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