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#1 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
Re HelloKid ESL

I agree. These idiots are incompetent and disorganized. They fuck up everything!
That's the norm in the crappy world of ESL!

#2 Parent HostHost - 2018-03-29
Re HelloKid ESL

Nab you just came across an incompetent worker who hates his job and only cares about making a quick buck by any and all means legal or not, it's the norm rather than the exception in China, and then when they f-up it's all the Foreigner's fault, get used to it :D

yvettevr - 2018-03-29
HelloKid ESL

Can someone tell me whether I am being scammed by HelloKid Please?
They seem legit but I had an interview scheduled for yesterday 5pm. I think they were late to the interview. I say "I think" because I had some technical difficulties but tried messageing them at 5pm on the dot and no reply. They emailed me. I replied, sorted out the tech problem and we could finally speak on skype. By then it was about 5h15. He asks if I'm ready and nly 5min later he sends me a message saying he has a meeting now and we have to reschedule for today. I say ok, 5pm again. Now, I see he is online on Skype since a little before 5pm, I message him to say I am here, to avoid yesterday's problem again. No reply.
So, am I being played by them scheduling but not pitching up or are they just tardy? I just cannot understand what the benefit can be to them though?

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