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#1 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
Re Beware of Anhui Xinhua University and agents

Don' waste your time on these idiots!

Joe - 2018-03-29
Beware of Anhui Xinhua University and agents

I was in touch with this university, kind of. I read this job ad: and contacted Sally. First of all, she is an agent, she is not an HR. We exchanged few messages, she sent me the contract sample, I expressed my further interest... However, after a while she just told me they found a teacher. She offered a crappy position at a training center instead, lol. Few days later, I got the same offer from another agent. When I told her the first agent told me the position of Business Teacher is already taken, she was surprised. The funniest part is that I asked my Chinese friend to call the university the same day I got in touch with Sally and whomever my friend spoke with, that person said they were not looking for foreign teachers at the moment.

After a while, Sally contacted me again and says Xinhua was still hiring and gave me the HR's (I presume) wechat. I added the guy, we exchanged few messages and then he said he would reply later cuz he was busy. He never did. I "reminded" him few days later, after which he asked the same thing he asked the first time: "So have you decided to teach at our university?" I said would like to know more details and so on. Then he wrote the salary and teaching hours. After that, I simply stopped bothering.

It should not come as a surprise that Anhui Xinhua University has terrible reviews:,34.htm. And both of those are very recent.

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