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nbut - 2018-03-29

Until very recently, this was considered a decent workplace in Ningbo. However, things have gone south. Some teachers had to wait until mid November or even later to receive their September and October salaries. The management has become a bit of a nightmare too, each college making up their own "rules", lack of communication, etc. It has never been a perfect place, but with the newest "additions", I would definitely advise against working here.

I have to say the students here are really nice and keep me motivated. The campus is unremarkable and the surroundings are drab, however it's convenient to go downtown by metro line 2. Another thing to take into consideration is an adjacent air base which means being subjected to the plane noise frequently, though it's bearable.

The apartments are a hit and miss. Some are decent, some are lousy hotel-type rooms. They do offer housing allowance, but it won't allow you to rent anything decent nearby anymore, let alone closer to the downtown. But hey, at least they offer it.

A special note about a person from the FAO, Ms. L.L. She is that typical Chinese employer who is all sweet talk and flattering when she needs you. However, she is actually a very rude woman who simply does what's in her or the university's best interests. Yes, she treats teachers mostly well, we hang out with her, just don't buy it that you are friends and she actually has any respect for you. Once she doesn't need you, you will see the real L.L. Unless she thinks keeping in touch could benefit her/them in some way later. Be nice to her- she is your employer after all, but keep things at distance.

The salary offered to new hires is higher than your average university gig, but the weekly workload is around 20 teaching hours, so...

Most of us teachers currently here are oldies. NBUT targets (older) English teachers who plan to stay here long term.

Make what you want out of this information, but don't tell me I didn't warn you if you won't be satisfied here.

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