Nathan Blysma - 2018-01-01
In response to VIPKids (Straight to the Chinese Gulag)

Andrew McQuade, Esq. wrote: "VipKids operates in the PRC (China)...that I do know...and perhaps in Hong Kong and Macao ... that I do not know."

VIPKID is legally known as: VIPKID HK Ltd, Hong Kong corporate registry number 2117782.
You may confirm that at the Hong Kong Corporate Registry:

There are probably thousands of Hong Kong corporations that have a dummy office in Hong Kong and their main operations outside of Hong Kong. Our legal team claims that the actions of a Hong Kong corporation are governed by the laws of Hong Kong. The VIPKID teacher contracts are signature-stamped; "VIPKID HK Ltd.," which makes that contract an action of that Hong Kong corporation. That contract is governed by the laws of Hong Kong according to the opinion of our legal team.

Andrew McQuade, Esq. wrote: "It is highly likely that your attempt to form and to organize a union on the mainland will you get no farther than the local PSB (police) station, the train station, and the airport."

My Dear Andrew McQuade, Esq., union organizing is legal and protected in China. Your statement that we would be detained or arrested strikes us as being a bizarre claim.

Andrew McQuade, Esq. wrote: "…you and your organizers would be charged with violating Article 25 of the Fundamental Laws of China."

He wrote, "Fundamental Laws of China," as a proper name but we can't find anything known by that name.

Typically, when an attorney cites a law, it's clear and easily referenced but in this instance, we can't find anything called, "Fundamental Laws of China." Would Andrew McQuade, Esq. be so kind as to post a link to, "Article 25 of the Fundamental Laws of China?"

Andrew McQuade, Esq., stated that our union organizing efforts are, "…tortious interference into the good conduct of business…"

Union organizing is legal. It's legal and protected in China and Hong Kong. For, "tortious interference," to take place, the union would have to be making false, outrageous, and inflammatory claims. All of our claims are true and correct and all of our union organizing efforts are legal.

Andrew McQuade, Esq., paints a picture of VIPKID as an innocent victim engaged in the, "good conduct of business."

My Dear Andrew McQuade, Esq., VIPKID is not engaged in the "good conduct of business."

Andrew McQuade, Esq., please explain exactly how our union has crossed the line from legal union organizing efforts to, "tortious interference."

Our legal team has stated that, in our opinion, VIPKID is a criminal organization, in that the primary focus of their online teaching business venture is that of a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice, violate labor law, and evade taxation. The obstruction of justice is perpetuated to conceal the labor law violations from the courts and to breach contracts as a matter of company policy.

If this is false, outrageous, and inflammatory then we welcome VIPKID to take us to court over this, but they won't take action because they know it's true. Their lawyers have reviewed our website and have taken no action because they know that our claims are valid and legal.

What else have we said?

We pointed to Article 7 of the teacher contract, which states that if VIPKID gets caught violating labor law by wrongfully designating the teachers as, “contractors,” when they are in fact, “employees,” the teachers, as victims are required to pay VIPKID for the taxes, fines, and penalties that they would incur as a result of being caught victimizing the teachers. This language, where the victim is required to pay the perpetrator is beyond unconscionable; it’s bizarre. This provision meets the test of obstruction of justice (Hong Kong law) because this language is intended to make the teachers believe that they can’t pursue justice without being penalized and further victimized.

My Dear Andrew McQuade, Esq., defend this indemnification language in Article 7, where the victim of is required to pay the perpetrator when the perpetrator gets caught.

Teacher agrees to indemnify (pay) and hold the Company harmless to the extent of any obligation imposed on the Company to pay withholding taxes or similar items resulting from Teacher’s being determined not to be an independent contractor”.

My Dear Andrew McQuade, Esq., this is not the "good conduct of business."

How in the world did Andrew McQuade, Esq., arrive at the opinion that VIPKID is engaged in the "good conduct of business?"

Andrew McQuade, Esq., claims that VIPKID is a small-time-bit-player. VIPKID claims to have 30,000 teachers, and claims to have earned $170 million USD in revenue in 2017. Our website, has seen as many as 3,575 unique visitors in one day (12-18-2017.)

That 30,000 teacher figure and the $170 million USD revenue claim were published in Bloomberg Businessweek on November 21, 2017. You may follow this link to see those claims.

Enjoy reading that article about how VIPKID fired a teacher who missed work when her 9 year old daughter suddenly died.

Andrew McQuade, Esq., believes that VIPKID is engaged in the "good conduct of business." How good was firing a teacher who missed work after her child died?

My Dear Andrew McQuade, Esq., VIPKID is not an innocent victim.

Nathan Blysma - US - Canadian Legal Team - VIPKID Teachers Union.

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