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#1 Parent Steho - 2018-03-29
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

Is this Yibo agency legit???

#2 Parent Jim - 2018-03-29
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

Recently they changed their name. Be careful. Ask around to see if it's them if you are looking in Beijing.

#3 Parent Julie - 2018-03-29
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

I think I found their new name. It's YIBO Education.

#4 Parent Burgess - 2015-03-04
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

Expertise Education Fraud is still going strong in 2015 and they are still using American and UK shills like Stefan, Michelle, Mike, and Doug who used to work there says they paid him $100 for ever referral call that he took on his Skype phone that was forwarded to his mobile in Beijing. All smoke and mirrors SCAM! They have no business license and pretend to be a middle or high school when they solicit people. This link goes to many recent victim complaints from 2014 and 2015.

#5 Parent M.K - 2013-03-12
Re: Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing


While Expertise may have a lot of problems, they are nothing compared to problems you will face in most other Chinese companies. Looking back, I think they were very supportive of me, never let me worry a day about my visa and met my every demand. I think Expertise is one of the only companies I have worked for in China that I can trust. While they don't have the highest pay, I can say I felt safe with them as a foreigner in a country.

#6 Parent kent chapman - 2012-04-27
Re: Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

I completely disagree with a lot of these posts. Expertise did everything right by me and treated me great. Maybe you just didn't like China or something pissed you off but I found expertise staff to very professional and respectful. I enjoyed my time working with them and I'd recommend them to any prospective teacher.

#7 Parent BeijingTeacher - 2012-04-09
Re: Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

Hopefully nobody is taking jibs from this company. They will rob every last teacher that dares work for them.

#8 Parent Tom - 2011-03-09
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

Generally, living conditions in Beijing or the apartments provided by Expertise are much better than you are likely to find in backwater places, like where I am in the Northeast of China.
Never have I encountered any Expertise provided apartment that did not have a flush toilet or hot water, which my current accomodation lacks.

What is the housing like? Tell me about the apartments.

At Expertise Education, foreign teachers who accept a contract that includes housing are provided with housing accommodation close to the school where they work. Apartments are clean, fully-furnished, and modern, with Western-style amenities, including a bedroom, living space, and kitchen. Some of our branches only have one foreign teacher. If that is the case, you can live by yourself. Otherwise, you will share an apartment, including all utilities fees, with one or two other foreign teachers. The maximum number of teachers we will place in one apartment is three. Although your rent is covered as a part of your contract, you will need to pay monthly utilities (water, electricity, and gas), which come to about 100 RMB/person/month. If you would like internet in your apartment, there are two options for payment: one option is calculated by month and is 150 RMB/month, while the other is per hour and is 2 RMB/hour. For more information, follow this link to our
Housing Section

You must have worked in some right old rum dives in North East China. I have had three jobs there and always had decent toilets and hot water, moreover I didn't have to pay for the latter. So, I assume you are a masochist, wanted to keep the status -quo, so toddled off to Beijing to work at Expertise.

I have just visited their site as you can see by the above. I recognise their bullshit language, a right gang of [edited] and [edited] as sure as eggs is eggs. Why would an individual want to leave his pancakes and happy home in Pennsylvania in order to share a flat with three other FT's? Why would he want to pay for utility bills unless he's earning 20,000 RMB, not to mention top rate for internet. And you have to buy your own computer???? What will your girlfriend think when there's two other blokes hanging about? My God! Right old bromide situation that. How can anybody accept a situation like that?

"If you want bloody internet connection......" Yes, I bloody well do and it better have a new computer and printer plugged into it when I arrive- otherwise I unarrive very quickly.(artistic licence)

#9 Parent Sinologist - 2011-03-09
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

Well this is true, and there are many underlying realities, hidden layers, and nasty surprises in store in China, and its often much better in Beijing than in other parts of China, particularly backwater places.
I know that some people working with Expertise were often unhappy about being based in the West of the City, were activiities are limited and it takes longer to get to the main areas of activity, such as Wudaokou or Sanlitun.
I can't really comment on the stories recounted earlier, although some of my old friend's at Expertise tell me that they are only half the story, but I am unable to confirm.
Generally, living conditions in Beijing or the apartments provided by Expertise are much better than you are likely to find in backwater places, like where I am in the Northeast of China.
Never have I encountered any Expertise provided apartment that did not have a flush toilet or hot water, which my current accomodation lacks.
Also, if you enjoy Kindergarten, or can at least make something good out of it, its not a bad role of teaching. The kids are generally more innocent and more respectful, and Chinese teachers are quick to put them back in line.
Sadly, I have noticed both in Beijing, and in the backwater, rundown, and undeveloped part of the Northeast where I am based, that students in the 17-19 age range are incredibly lacking in discipline, talk over you whilst you are trying to teach, and only pay attention if you agree to their requests to sing a song for them, proving that ones purpose of a teacher is less an educator, and more a figure of ridicule.
There is much speculation, I daresay divination, given to China's rising status in the world, however if students like these are the future, then it aint much of a future.

#10 Parent steve - 2011-03-08
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

yes you are right these people shoould first understand china then talk about the problems they face

#11 Parent Sexpat - 2011-01-15
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

To bring at least a fair perspective to the reputation Expertise has gained in this forum, yes there may be some truths been reported here, but there are things that bloggers here have neglected to mention.

True, maybe Expertise is hemorrhaging teachers, but this is not purely through mismanagement. I am aware that the teacher who I replaced had left for no other reason other than more money. I was told that the school I briefly worked for preferred him to me, and from what I heard, the relationship was rather content, and hearing from my former room mate, he had no other issues.

Throughout my time with expertise, I did encounter many teachers who would sign up with expertise, only to leave for better opportunities elsewhere in Beijing. This may have been to do with issues at the school, or it may not have.

To be fair, a big part of the problems with expertise is not expertise themselves, rather the schools. This says nothing about the company, just the fact that when an agency recruits for various schools, it is entirely the luck of the draw whether it is a nice, amicable school, or a school with awkward staff who just like to make life awkward for teachers, which can be the case.

However, one legitimate criticism of expertise is they really should stand up more for the teachers and fight their case, rather than taking the sides of the schools.

I really cannot confirm any of the cases of the mishandling of documents. I have only heard about cases of people making runs to Hong Kong or Mongolia within the blogosphere, I never heard of encountered a case of it during my time with Expertise.

I will also say this in their defense, the way they handle the documents is very much to your benefit. Were you to apply for a Z Visa in your home country, you would have the cost of doing medical tests at home, rather than doing them solely in China. They handle it well, I got my residence permit, and all at minimum cost.

And I notice Jolin's name has occurred a few times, and I really would like to speak up in defense of her. She's a friendly, amicable person, approachable and not the person this blogosphere has turned her into. If there is that side of her, I never encountered it, but she's a good person, and someone I could count on, and my time in China did not always go smoothly, but it was not because of expertise. To be honest, I think many people who work for Expertise vent their frustration on Expertise itself, rather than the pitfalls of China, or their own inability to adapt to a very different country.

#12 Parent El Lawyer - 2011-01-07
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

I informed them two weeks before the end of term that I would have to leave afterwards

There was the folly of your being "honest". Don't you know that being honest or nice gets you nowhere out there?

Smile, play nice, get your ticket, then RUN, you had your passport with you, I presume?

Cheers and holland beers,
El Lawyer

#13 Parent ex-employee - 2011-01-06
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

I think you'll find the supposed fine for leaving early is 1000 USD, not yuan!

When I had to leave Beijing for pressing family issues back home, I informed them two weeks before the end of term that I would have to leave afterwards. I ended on a good note with my school and was getting ready for a difficult time back with my family, when told by the hr director (Jolin) that she wanted to fine me US$1000 for leaving before the end of my contract. However, I knew she couldn't do that because I don't have a legal contract with them, seeing as I am under 24 and have only a business visa instead of a work visa (this is how Expertise gets around foreign worker regulations in Beijing). Aside from that, I simply wouldn't give them $1000 and would get on a plane and leave, and had no obligation to pay such a ridiculous 'fine'.

She said instead of this she would just keep all of my pay from the previous month, which I thought was still unfair because I had worked for it, and Expertise usually keeps around half of foreign teachers' monthly pay anyway, so they had made quite a lot of money off me already.

My experiences with Expertise left a bitter taste in my mouth and the particular nastiness of that one employee more than anything else. If she hadn't been so horrible to deal with, I might not have even bothered posting this. And I can absolutely confirm that after the initial recruiting stage you will see no more of the American recruiter Scott; he will disappear like a ghost.

Hope this helps!

#14 Parent ex-employee - 2011-01-06
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

I can confirm also that comment about the mishandling of documents!!
My flatmate had a two week period before his visa expired where he reminded Expertise staff REPEATEDLY that it would soon run out, but they kept to the frustrating old "someone will call you about it tmorrow" routine. Eventually when the application was done he was told his visa had actually expired and his application was too late, and so he had to go through all sorts of trouble to get a new visa. Personally I don't like the fact they kept our passports for so long, it made me uneasy!!

#15 Parent Expertise employee - 2010-12-31
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

I TOTALLY AGREE! With EVERYTHING you've said. Sadly I think they make enough money out of us before we leave to make up for so many teachers leaving early. So many others I knew at the beginning of the semester have gone home already, and that was only four months ago. Before working for Expertise, I used to work in a kindergarten in Wuhan. Although it was also hard to work with the people there, atleast I knew I was being given all my pay and not giving half of it to some agency pimping me out to the school.

I see Scott has commented below here, trying to gain back some business no doubt, but he should be ashamed of himself. When did you start selling yourself out Scott? Don't you have any friends left in America? Is that why you stay in China, being part of the China machine to dupe foreigners and milk them for all they're worth? I haven't seen you since orientation week, do you take off right after that or something? When I worked in Wuhan, I earned 6000 yuan per month, living expenses were very low, and accommodation was included. Now, I work for Expertise (illegally by the way; they did something dodgy for my visa) and I earn only 5000 yuan and living expenses are much higher. My school apparently pays very well (around 1200 yuan per month), but Expertise keeps the rest of that. On top of that, I have to travel all over frigain Beijing to get to work. I'm exhausted and don't have time for anything, and I feel like a slave.

Scott, Jolin, whoever you deal with, just know that you should look elsewhere. And be CAREFUL. I'm someone just like you, just trying to help.

#16 Parent Anonymous - 2010-12-20
Re Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

I was also a teacher employed by Expertise Education. Scott Cavanaugh is a laowai for hire, do not believe him.

We only Skype'ed with Scott before coming, but he made us several assurances about our jobs and said that our contracts supported him in this. When we got into Beijing, we found out that the only thing that was true of what Scott said was that we taught children. We asked him several questions, all of which he answered with vague generalities or directions to other employees. Short answer: Scott Cavanaugh doesn't know anything about teaching or know how to answer our questions. We didn't know about his particular profession until we had been in Beijing a few months. Essentially, local companies hire unscrupulous white people at high prices to make their company seem more professional and international. I have been to our office about 7-10 times during all sorts of hours, and I have never seen Scott there.

Expertise Education had me buy my own plane ticket here and then told me my job was nothing like what I had been told back home. I am a lucky one, I am not as angry about certain things as others. I do agree that over half of the other teachers have quit, and the company just brings in more to replace them. The company hemorrhages employees and lies to foreigners to replace them. I am sure they have some happy employees that got good schools and good apartments, but they have many more bad or angry teachers.

For the record, Expertise Education does mishandle personal documents and lies about many things that any honest person would admit to. They held my passport for two months while they "went through the process." In actuality they mishandled our visa application and wouldn't admit it.


#17 Parent Scott Cavanaugh - 2010-05-12
Re: Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

This is Scott Cavanaugh, a Human Resources Department Recruiter at Expertise Education. I am writing to address these issues brought up by an anonymous teacher who may (or may not) be a teacher at the moment like he/she has stated. Expertise Education deeply cares about their teachers and does take care of them as our company has always promised. I am here to address this teachers comments because they are either exaggerations of the truth or are false.
Of our 67 teachers that joined our program last August, well over half of them are still teaching with our company. Of the teachers that have left, some of them unfortunately were asked to leave by our company due to their actions. Others that have left still have a great relationship with our company and our staff.

It is absolutely not true that our foreign staff have written any positive reviews disguising ourselves as someone else on CityWeekend or the Beijinger. There have been countless past employees who have had good experiences with our company, who have left or finished their contracts on great terms, and who still hold a good relationship with our company today. This teacher assumes that any good review(s) written about experiences in China teaching through our company are fraudulent. That is simply not the case. When our staff is speaking with applicants, we discuss good reasons to join our company by stating facts that exist in our contracts with our teachers and in agreements with our partner schools. Our staff does not write responses to interested applicants that distort truths or misstate facts.

Expertise does not mishandle important documents such as visas, police registration papers, or visa invitation letters. We do place teachers in quality schools and housing. We make sure teachers are conveniently located near our schools. There have been problems in the past with housing, with which Expertise has always promptly taken care of. Although Beijing standards are not the same as western standards and problems can arise sometimes in apartments when teachers are occupying them, our company has always looked out for our teachers and made sure any structural problems are fixed. Roommates change apartments on occasion because Expertise has allowed teachers to change schools in the past, therefore allowing teachers to change apartments too. Expertise also has given nice and hardworking employees second and third chances to try teaching if they are released by schools. When teachers need to change schools, or if they have problems with roommates, Expertise has been as flexible as possible to allow apartment changes to occur.

The teachers comment about visas is the most interesting of all comments made in his/her post. Expertise Education has never asked a teacher to go to Mongolia to get a visa. On one occasion Expertise paid for four teachers to visit Hong Kong. While they were not given much notice, they received 2 paid vacation days. These four Expertise teachers traveled with Expertise staff on a fully paid trip to Hong Kong, receiving free round trip flights and a free stay in a 5 star hotel. Because of prompt changes in PSB regulations, our company made sure that our teachers were able to travel to Hong Kong with as little inconvenience as possible, and did our best to make sure they enjoyed themselves. There have never been any other instances of teachers traveling to Hong Kong or Mongolia or any other country to obtain visas, which is common with many other education companies in China.

We at Expertise understand how some companies in China can operate, and we make sure all employees at Expertise receive what they signed up for. We make sure all teachers have a concise understanding of every aspect of our program before they arrive in China. Expertise fulfills all contract obligations to foreign teachers. Expertise Education is equally as liable for paying breach of contract penalties as teachers are. Many teachers have taken their time to learn countless details about our program for 2010-2011 and have signed up with enthusiasm. We are all very excited about the upcoming academic year.

Scott Cavanaugh
Human Resources Manager
International Department
Expertise Education Company

#18 Parent englishgibson - 2010-04-21
Re: Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

Duckling, you are so right. I recently got "a beautiful" reply from one of such "foreign teachers", when I was applying at a uni. It's ridiculous how some of us, foreigners that're supposed to help each other, become a part of this filthy process. Reading some job adverts also cracks me at times..just have a look at a job advert from the other site where a "foreigner" that thinks it is necessary to mention his teachers are not ENTERTAINERS BUT EDUCATORS :LOL

Cheers and beers to our sixth sense :)

#19 Parent Duckling - 2010-04-20
Re: Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing

Don't fall for the foreign staff who offer to answer your questions. They get paid extra to write canned responses to interested applicants and leave positive reviews on websites like the Beijinger and CityWeekend.

Some extremely naive posters, even those considering themselves to be China old hands, have recently posted that newbies applying for teaching positions in China ask potential employers to provide them with e-mail addresses of present or former foreign teachers who are working or have worked there, respectively. Such posters would be better to delete their posts. They are givuing the rest of us bum advice.
As it would obviously be in an employer's interest to paint a rosy picture of his workplace to encourage job applicants to sign up there, he will bribe rogue foreigners to tell lies, either with cash or with favors from pink room gals or with good dinners. Don't trust what other laowai say about particular workplaces unless you happen to know them very well! Beware of laowai scum in China. They won't think twice before helping unscrupulous Chinese employers dupe other laowai into attracting foreign teachers to their workplaces.

220 - 2010-04-20
Expertise Education Company LTD, Beijing, Nanjing - China

WARNING! Expertise Education Company LTD is heavily recruiting teachers for the summer and fall. Beware of this company. Don't fall for the foreign staff who offer to answer your questions. They get paid extra to write canned responses to interested applicants and leave positive reviews on websites like the Beijinger and CityWeekend. I came over with 67 teachers. More than half have left. I am currently in a contract with Expertise so I cannot go into the specifics of their wrongs against me and their other teachers. Expertise Education is [edited], mishandles your important documents (visas, police registration, invitation letters, etc), and will not place you in quality schools or housing. Stay away from this agency despite their promises of good housing (unless you want your shower held together with buckets and duct tape, holes in the walls, pest infestations, a never ending string of roommates that they can't find apartments for etc), quick visas (unless you don't mind taking a trip to Hong Kong or Mongolia on a 2 day notice), and stable, full time positions close to your apartment (unless you like living an hour away from the city or an hour away from your school). All new contracts with Expertise have a "severance fee" of 1,000 yuan. Ask yourself why an agency would need such a strong safeguard against unhappy teachers leaving...

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