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#1 Parent Mike - 2018-05-20
Re Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

Know wonder he is mad all the time.

#2 Parent Maria - 2018-03-29
Re Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

Dialog Executive Language Center and its sister company Fluent Russia is an absolute rip-off. They DON'T pay salaries on time, they only pay for half of vacation time and will repeatedly find ways to underpay you every single month!

Furthermore, they make you work like a dog and if you complain, they will literally "punish" you by adding more classes to your schedule or they'll make you do stupid admin work like check work that the Russian teachers wrote.

Their turnover is unbelievably high. The office staff change weekly and that is no exaggeration. The teachers leave after a few months because of the way they are treated.

Ron Nathan boasts that he is a lawyer but he has a criminal record and has been disbarred!

#3 Parent Mike - 2017-05-29
Re Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

WOW! Did they win the suit? Just wondering?

#4 Parent Bailey - 2016-06-13
Re Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

DIALOG is an organization that conducts many illegal and unethical business practices.

**Dialog/Executive language center**
Американская школа угрожает сообщить американскому учителю Федеральная служба безопасности оссийской Федерации (ФСБ)
American school threatens American English Teacher to call the FSB (KGB)

Video quote from Ekatrina (Katya) Ezdina: (at 4:30):

"If you continue trashing us, with the people that work here in the office, if you continue to trash us with the teachers who are working here. I'm just telling you what will happen. That if it will I will do everything with the Federal Immigration Office to make sure that your status here as a non-resident, working under the Russian Territory will be very questionable and it will affect your future job position. At a different school. I will also inform the FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY (KGB)."

ABOUT DIALOG/Executive Language Center:

Dialog, Executive Language Center is a small Moscow English teaching company run by a husband wife team, Ekatrina (Katya) Ezdina - a Russian - and Ron Nathan - an American Lawyer.

I was employed with Dialog from October 21st, 2015 to January 31, 2016. In that time I witnessed extensive illegal work violations.

My attorney and I, Andrey Kostin, are suing them in court.

#5 Parent MDK - 2015-05-14
Re Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

Warning! There is a recent ad looking for teachers for Dialog/Executive Language Center.

Here is his email address:

I'm glad I checked this and other discussion forums before emailing my CV. I was just about to, until I looked at the copyright on the site. It hasn't been updated at all this year (2015) and the link to the 'sister' site FluentRussian was broken. :\

Lo La - 2013-10-08
Dialog/Executive Language Center, Russia

Dialog/Exectuve Language Center
Be careful of this school!

I am a teacher from the UK.

Who they caused HUGE problems for.

They don't pay on time
They don't get the Visa as stated
They have you working in the country Illegally.

BE VERY AWARE AND CAREFUL OF THE Dialog/Exectuve Language Center

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