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Taffy - 2017-11-29

I have never, and never will waste money on a lottery ticket, and therefore have zero chance of winning the lottery. Governments should ban all lotteries that are not free to enter imo.

As for all you visa violators reading this, I hope you all get away with it, whether in China or in any other country!

They like banning things in UK. The Preschool told me to buy a camel costume for my daughter to wear at Christmas show. I did, and then they told me that cameras will be banned. They ban parents from letting other parents into the building but then the door lock jams open frequently..I am sure the psychotic gunmen will buzz and ask to be let in all the same.....but then if he comes when the weather is fine all the kids will be taken outside to play anyway. But i see why you think lotteries are a waste of money.

Oh by the way security measures at most schools are put in place so these establishments can flog their own official videos(of school events) at £12 a go.

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