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#1 Parent Crap school and agent hater - 2018-03-29
Re Shady Online School

Don't work for any of these online businesses at all! They are all crap and only make money on your back!

#2 Parent Teachers Incorporated!!!! - 2018-03-29

They are ILLEGAL and obtain work permits illegally via another illegal Chinese agency in China!

Beware of $12 per hour online job teaching big groups - 2018-03-29
Shady Online School

Beware of the new, mass advertising eprogram by a shady group that uses no real names. This group is managed by a Chinese male from the UK (Darwin) who insists teachers teach 5 people or more online at one time, for the low rate of $12 per hour. This group is dishonest, and has such a bad reputation that not one person uses their real name. This is a nasty group to deal with. Use caution.

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