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#1 Parent shiver - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

The idea of giving teachers a schedule or forward notice of anything doesn’t exist to e-connect.

Absolutely everything is done last minute in a state of chaos.

It’s the most disorganized shambles I have ever worked for.

You can fully expect your life to be turned completely upside down by these lying, manipulative, self-serving, cheating charlatans.

Definitely wouldn't recommend :(

#2 Parent Observer - 2018-03-29
Re: Re E-connect, Vietnam

Typical behavior of a bad school.

#3 Parent traveler12 - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

e-connect vietnam

The first week I arrived they wanted me to do demo classes to prospective schools.

the academic director told me on Monday I would do three demo classes on wednesday. She said you can plan the lessons yourself. She also said she would email me the topics for these lessons that night.

On Tuesday night when she finally emailed me the topics along with the vocabulary and literally jumbled bits and pieces of information. I planned the lessons as best I could considering I had no experience at this school, with the kids, the classes, the style of teaching at this school, anything. She then sent back a scathing attack on my lesson plan.

During a casual conversation with another staff member the next day I found out by chance that I was scheduled to teach two more demo classes on Thursday. I was also told I should plan these lessons. So I went with the flow and planned these lessons as well. The next day I was told I should use text books to plan these lessons but that they couldn’t give me these text books. This was later changed and I was told to plan my own lessons. I later received another email to tell me that I was never supposed to plan these lessons someone else would plan them.

on sunday I found out again during casual conversation that I would be teaching a demo class on Tuesday also. Still no schedule.

I turned up for the demo classes on tuesday but when I got there I was told it had been cancelled.

So I'd planned and prepared for lessons and gone through this chaos for clases that had already been cancelled.

I later came to realize that this is just the everday norm at econnect and does not get better.

#4 Parent SH - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

They are a bad joke. I hope the worst for ha and cindy.

#5 Parent SPeters - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

Nightmare to work for!

Ms. Hanh the Director, refused to accept responsibility for the school and its operations.

For instance the atrocious state of teachers accommodation, losing teachers documents (degree, police check, passport), changing teachers salaries from $2000 a month to $25 an hour, for hours worked and only providing a few hours work a week. This happened to all of us across the board, to all of the teachers that worked here.

Trying every single trick in the book to change our pay rate to a lesser amount.

Staff would bang and bang on our doors at any hour or walk into our rooms without knocking.

There was constant construction work in the teachers’ accommodation, throughout the three months we were there.

Work men walking in and out of our bedrooms at any hour.

Builders worked in the teachers accommodation from 6 am till 10 pm at night everyday.

Maliciously losing the documents of teachers they didn’t like (Passport, Degree, Police Check)

Providing teachers with their weekly schedule on Thursday afternoon and requiring all lesson plans to be done by Friday morning and done in an exacting manner, for threat of losing pay if not done correctly.

Complete and utter management disorganization, a continual state of chaos.

None of the management and I mean none had a clue about what was going on in the company. It was perpetual chaos.

#6 Parent Mark - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

You can not improve honoring your word. You either honor it, or you do not. Most FTs understand that difficulties arise, but they place their trust in your word when they come from abroad. When you violate this trust by breaking your word, then you invite criticism of your practices. If such criticism is wrongfully placed, then simply continue to act honorably and the word will spread. FTs are always looking for honorable places to work. Correspondingly, there are so many terrible places that articles like those posted here seem extremely plausible to an experienced FT.

#7 Parent Jonesy - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

I just finished working for e-connect. Not for long - few months! Looking at these peoples' posts - nothing has changed!

The management refused to take responsibility for absolutely anything.

Things like disrepair of teachers accommodation, faulty wiring in teachers accommodation which blew up some of the teachers laptops, paying a lot less money than they promised, constant miscommunication, a state of perpetual chaos, losing teachers documents (degree Cert, Tesol Cert), being unwilling to provide teachers with a contract or the promised salary, because business was not good at the moment. These were all things management refused to accept responsibility for.

Vietnamese staff banging on our doors, at any hour, loudly and continually, or walking into our rooms without knocking, any day, and expecting us to jump whenever Ms Hanh demanded it. All hours, every day is a working day!

#8 Parent tzadic - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

Our group of teachers' had a similar horrific experience with e-connect I' afraid.

E-connect lied about absolutely everything to get us to move city straight away. Then slowly backed out of absolutely everything they had promised us! This was the same for all teachers. Putting all teachers' in a position where we had been there for over a month with no contracts, paid a lot less than we were promised initially and living in absolute squalor; and being told that they would't pay us, and that they would keep our documents and report us for working illegally if we left.

I mean it was a constant battle just to get the basics like salary. E-connect, basically, disregard the contract completely whenever it suits them.

It truly was awful >:(

#9 Parent tzadic - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

E-connect, you lie about absolutely everything to get teachers there then back out of everything you promise. For example: salary. You promise $2000, then drop teachers' to hourly rate whenever it suits you.

You never follow the contract! You do whatever suits you with complete disregard for staff and teachers'.

Some teachers' you don't even pay. Some Vietnamese staff you don't even pay. All teachers' you short change.

It's a constant battle to even get paid!!!

Management is a shambles.

Teachers' accommodation was filthy, uninhabitable by western standards. There were no shower doors, no bathroom doors. Literally, we had to use the bathrooms fully exposed!

#10 Parent tzadic - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

I just worked for them. They lied, mislead, and manipulated us the whole time. Doing everything they possibly could to get out of everything they had promised us.

From paying us way less, to refusing to give us a contract, to being forced to do longer teaching hours, to being forced to do longer office hours, to being woken to someone banging on our door at 7 am for surprise demo classes or meetings – which happened all the time! And, providing the worst accommodation imaginable. It was a shocker!


#11 Parent Concerned FT - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

You must be one of the company folks to say such a thing.

When you hire Western people, you should tell them truthfully what to expect before they arrive. Nobody would be stupid enough to leave his comfortable home, travel half around the world to end up in a dirty hole with coakroaches in the end. While you folks may be used to building up companies from the bottom of the barrel in really unfavorable conditions, this is usually not the cup of tea for Westerners working abroad. In the first place, be honest; and it seems you haven't been, hence all the complaints, which I believe to be true.

Don't ever think that anyone here in the West would really care to travel half around the world just for a disorganized and dirty place like yours.

Do your homework before inviting anyone from abroad! Plain and simple.

#12 Parent E-connect Vietnam - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

Why didn't you come to E-connect Viet Nam one time to see our improvement and stop talking like that?!

We tried our best during more 3 years with many devoted members, lost much of money to support for high quality education and we are a big family. We proud of our great leaders, our team. We learned, we lived and worked together. We built E-connect Vietnam with our bodies and souls. You never know and understand enough about it.

We believe in our self and we are trying our best everyday to build up a better E-connect Vietnam, to bring all members of us the optimal conditions in both working and living.
When we was a child, we had some troubles. The most important answer is.... we improved, very fast and we are becoming the best company in The North.

Please search for our name "E-connect Viet Nam" one more time, you will see...

And you should understand that may be some of reviewers are bad companies who want we die. They wrote it and told you a lie 1.000 million times.

Thank you very much for your time.
A admin of E-connect Vietnam

#13 Parent LA - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

Avoid E-connect. Nothing has changed. I suggest speaking with a western teacher, although after this year's atrocious behavior many aren't returning.

They will often have you speak with coerced VN staff. Plenty of other companies hiring. Don't waste your time.

good luck.

#14 Parent LA - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam


sorry for the later reply, this was in my spam box.

Avoid E-connect. Nothing has changed.

I suggest speaking with a western teacher, although after this year's atrocious behavior many aren't returning. They will often have you speak with coerced VN staff. Plenty of other companies hiring. Don't waste your time. Two branches of E-con lost 10+ teachers in less then a month because of their behavior. Huge turnaround. Mainly due to payment issues combined with a unwillingness to improve on the living and teaching conditions. check out the Reviews in the link.

good luck.

#15 Parent Dave - 2017-06-21
Re E-connect, Vietnam

Hi there.

I had a email from them about a job in Vietnam. Do you know if they have improved in any ways. Are you still in touch with any teachers still there.



#16 Parent kasia226 - 2017-06-20
Re E-connect, Vietnam

E-connect has getting better now in both living standard for teachers and academic program for students. The accomodation was rebuilt and broadened a lot. Any job always has problems but the way we cooperate with the sincere trust can solve all. Just experience and see how things progress.

SH - 2017-04-17
E-connect, Vietnam

I had a stressful, but thankfully limited experience with e-connect. Things started off badly. The provided housing located above and behind the office is anything but ideal. No privacy and very noisy. I’ve been teaching in Asia for a few years and cockroaches and rats are common, but our building was filled with them. Doors have chewed holes and packs of rats were regularly spotted in the kitchen and bathrooms. The shared bathrooms were dismal. Toilets with no seats, we had a single working shower with warm water for 10 people located on the same floor as a classroom. It was a bad joke.

Everything about them was haphazard. The evening after arriving in Vietnam, I was teaching classes. I was provided with no instruction, expectations, or even a simple guide. I had a full schedule my first week. They just have a pretty disorganized way of doing things. With the exception of a single teacher, no one was interested in explaining the text books despite repeated requests. The only feedback received was after an observation. It basically consisted of negative comments about my teaching. When I asked the observing manager what to change, he just questioned my experience as a teacher. Then proceeded to tell me I must not have experience in classrooms.

The office staff and teachers were obviously tense. There were ongoing problems with receiving pay on time or the full contracted amounts as promised. Don’t get me wrong, the staff and teachers were extremely friendly, but obviously distracted. The schedules were chaotic and the other teachers and myself received little support or help.

The lack professionalism was overwhelming among management. When The director threatened teachers with police action for leaving and a $500 fine despite no contract ever being signed, this was the final straw for me. Avoid them. If an offer is too good to be true, it usually is.

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